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Andrew T. McReynolds United States Attorney - Western District of Michigan 1866 - 1867

Former U.S. Attorney, Andrew T. McReynolds


Little is known about United States Attorney, Andrew T. McReynolds, also known as A.T. McReynolds, other than he served in the Army, and was decorated for bravery as an officer in the Mexican War, and played a role in the organization of several state militia units, and had risen to the rank of Colonel in one.

Apparently, U.S. Attorney McReynolds was also a popular man when he lived in Detroit, and was a former member of the Whig party. Later in life Mr. McReynolds was elected to a term in the state Senate as a Democrat in 1846.

* Note: information was gathered from the book "Assassination of a Michigan King: The Life of James Jesse Strang" - by Roger Van Noord (Michigan).

Updated April 8, 2021