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Augustus D. Griswold United States Attorney - Western District of Michigan 1865 - 1866, 1867 - 1869

          Augustus D. Griswold was born in Oneida County, New York October 11, 1823. He moved to Michigan from Rome, New York in 1856, and was the United States Attorney for the Western District of Michigan from 1865 – 1869. His service as United States Attorney was interrupted for six months 1866 - 1867, when President Johnson first removed, and later reappointed him.

          After serving as United States Attorney for the Western District of Michigan, Mr. Griswold then served as Michigan State Senator, before establishing a law practice in Ovid, Michigan.

          Augustus D. Griswold died  June 4, 1890 in the village of Ovid, Michigan. His obituary from the Corunna Journal, Corrunna, Michigan June 5, 1890, Whole Number 548, Volume X No 28 read as follows:

Death of A.D. Griswold

          A gloom was cast over the village yesterday morning when it was announced that Hon. Agustus D. Griswold, one of Ovid’s most prominent citizens, of whose illness we have heretofore made mention, passed peacefully away about four o’clock in the morning, from blood poisoning resulting from a deceased bone in the great toe on the left foot.

          He was 66 years of age and has been a resident of this village for the last ten years, enjoying a good practice in his law profession, of which he was an able devotee and safe counselor.

          He leaves a wife and daughter beside many friends to mourn his death. His funeral will occur tomorrow at 10 o’clock at the house. – Ovid Union


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Updated April 22, 2015