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Mortgage Fraud

Mortgage fraud long has been a priority in the Western District of North Carolina, in part because Charlotte is the second largest banking center in the United States. Mortgage fraud generally takes the form of schemes to make false representations to lenders to obtain money in the form of mortgage loans. Prosecutions in the Western District have emphasized prosecuting the “gatekeepers” who help make mortgage fraud possible, such as criminally responsible attorneys, mortgage brokers, real estate agents, appraisers, and bank insiders, as well as the promoters who often organize the schemes. Recent prosecutions include:

Jury Convicts Charlotte Man of Federal Racketeering And Related Charges

Former Charlotte Attorney Pleads Guilty Mid-Trial To Mortgage Fraud Related Charges

Nine More Members of Racketeering Enterprise Indicted on Investment Fraud, Mortgage Fraud And Related Charges

Mortgage Fraud Promoters Operating In Union And Mecklenburg Counties Sentenced To Prison

Seventeen Members Of A Racketeering Enterprise Indicted On Investment Fraud, Mortgage Fraud And Related Charges

Promoters And Real Estate Professionals Indicted In Waxhaw Mortgage Fraud Cell

Loan Officer Sentenced To 19 Years In Prison

Former Manufactured Housing Sales Manager Pleads Guilty To $4.8 Million Mortgage And Consumer Fraud

Former Beazer Mortgage Loan Officer Charged With Mortgage Fraud

Updated November 24, 2015

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