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Tulvar Company et al.

Q:  Is this a legitimate scam/fraud? 

Yes, this is a scam/fraud.

 Q:  Will I recover any of my money?

  1. In this case, there is a bankruptcy case as well as a criminal case.  The Court has appointed the bankruptcy Trustee in the banruptcy matter to handle claims in the criminal case.  The trustee is located in California and all further questions regarding restitution should be addressed to them.  Please call 310-499-4716 for questions regarding restitution.

Q:  If he is found guilty will I be refunded my money?

In most fraud/scam cases, restitution may be ordered where victims of the offense of conviction have suffered the loss of money or some negotiable instrument (investor fraud offenses or offenses involving the misuse of stolen credit cards), or the damage or loss of property. The Court may order a defendant to pay an amount equal to each victim's actual losses, usually the value of the principle or property fraudulently obtained.

Q:  Since I did not receive the goods will I be refunded my money?

If restitution is awarded, it will be money, not goods.

 Q: When will the defendant go to trial?

The defendant will not go to trial, the defendant has plead guilty to the charges involved.

 Q:  Can I write to the judge or prosecutor to show how this crime has impacted me?

Yes, after a conviction, victims will be asked to complete a Victim Impact Statement. This statement allows victims the opportunity to report on various consequences of the offense, including financial, social, psychological and/or medical consequences. The Victim Impact Statement provides an important way for the Judge to consider losses and harm as a result of the crime.

 Q:  Can I seek my own counsel or representation?


 Q:  Could there be more fraudulent activity with the bank account I used to place the order?

Unlikely.  We have no evidence that victim bank accounts were used for fraud.

Updated June 26, 2015