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United States Attorney Timothy Heaphy Awards

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Congressional Badge of Bravery to

Virginia State Police Trooper Matt Cochran

WASHINGTON, D.C. – During a January 23 ceremony, United States Attorney Timothy J. Heaphy, Representative Morgan Griffith, Senator Jim Webb, Senator Mark Warner, Representative Rob Wittman, DEA Administrator Michele Leonhart, BJA Director Denise O’Donnell, and DEA Special Agent Richard Dobrich, honored Virginia State Trooper Matt Cochran for his heroic actions on the night of January 9, 2010.

Trooper Cochran responded to an early morning fire on January 9, 2010 at an apartment complex in Hillsville, Va.  With the assistance of a Carroll County deputy and a Hillsville police officer, Trooper Cochran began knocking on apartment doors to wake those residents still asleep. After hearing screams for help, Trooper Cochran entered the burning building without protective gear. Trooper Cochran crawled on his hands and knees through flames and smoke and located a 71-year-old woman whom he carried to safety. Due to the heroic actions of these officers, all 37 residents of the apartment complex were rescued.

"Trooper Samuel Cochran represents the finest tradition of law enforcement bravery and dedication," United States Attorney Timothy J. Heaphy said today.  "His heroic act of rushing into a burning building without protective equipment to save an elderly resident inspires all who hear the tale.  Trooper Cochran's commitment is typical of the Virginia State Police, an agency with a legacy of distinguished service.  Trooper Cochran's courageous act and daily commitment to excellence makes him worthy of this important and well-deserved recognition."

Matt Cochran, Morgan Griffith, Senator Mark Warner and Tim Heaphy Matt Cochran, Morgan Griffith and Tim Heaphy

United States Attorney Timothy Heaphy (from right) Senator Mark Warner and Representative Morgan Griffith presented Trooper Matt Cochran with the Congressional Badge of Bravery for his heroic actions in saving 37 residents from a burning apartment building in the early morning hours of January 9, 2010. [Photo Credit: U.S. House Photography]


Updated April 8, 2015

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