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CHIP Unit: Graphics

Districts with Specialized CHIP Units

More Than 250 Specially Trained Prosecuters
At Least One In All 94 U.S. Attorney Offices
Fifteen New CHIP Unit Positions Funded In Fiscal Year 2010
25 Specialized CHIP Units Locations
  City and State Federal District
  Alexandria, Virginia Eastern District of Virginia
  Atlanta, Georgia Northern District of Georgia
  Boston, Massachusetts District of Massachusetts
  Chicago, Illinois Northern District of Illinois
  Dallas, Texas Northern District of Texas
  Kansas City, Missouri Western District of Missouri
  Los Angeles, California Central District of California
  Miami, Florida Southern District of Florida
  New York, New York Southern District of New York
  Brooklyn, New York Eastern District of New York
  Sacramento, California Eastern District of California
  San Diego, California Southern District of California
  San Jose, California Northern District of California
  Seattle, Washington Western District of Washington
  Nashville, Tennessee Middle District of Tennessee
  Orlando, Florida Middle District of Florida
  Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Western District of Pennsylvania
  Washington, D.C. District of Columbia
  Austin, Texas Western District of Texas
  Baltimore, Maryland District of Maryland
  Denver, Colorado District of Colorado
  Detroit, Michigan Eastern District of Michigan
  Newark, New Jersey District of New Jersey
  New Haven, Connecticut District of Connecticut
  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Eastern District of Pennsylvania
Updated August 16, 2016