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Major Achievements in the Courtroom -- Eastern District of Kentucky

The "148" Gang Case in the Eastern District of Kentucky


Defendant Name Sentence
Everett Michael Abney 3 years probation
Eric Deshane Badgett  5 years imprisonment
Ralph Arnold Black 10 years imprisonment
Everett Walter Bolling 12 years imprisonment
Chad Lavon Brown 70 months imprisonment
Julian Edward Brown 42 months imprisonment
Antwan Lamont Bryant 10 years imprisonment
Craig Clark 10 years imprisonment
Terrycus Clark 10 years imprisonment
Lewanda Cox probation in state court
Jose Crooks 108 months imprisonment
Rene Leon Cruz 3 years imprisonment
Troy Kinte Cunningham 70 months imprisonment
Tara Lynn Davis 2 years probation
Kevin Wayne Dale 63 months imprisonment
Steven Eugene Dale 5 years imprisonment
Richard Davis 15 months imprisonment
Joshua Dumphord 27 months imprisonment
Terry Lee Dumphord 10 years imprisonment
Latyron Fields 52 months imprisonment
Leslie Fields 94 months imprisonment
Aretha Fisher 5 years imprisonment
Shauna Flora 3 years probation
Richard Ford 10 years imprisonment
Dominique Hawkins 3 years imprisonment
Gary Clay Henderson 90 months imprisonment
Charles Edward Hutsell 12 years imprisonment
Patricia Ann Johnson 3 years imprisonment
Travis Jamel Johnson 10 years imprisonment
Demarcus Hamilton Jones 262 months(21.8 yrs) imprisonment
Jose Antoine Kemper 4 years imprisonment
Jeremy Louis Kenney 96 months imprisonment
Milton Orr Kenney 5 years imprisonment
Ronald Curtis Kenney 90 months imprisonment
William Orr Kenney 21 months imprisonment
William Kenney Jr. 3 years supervised release
Jeffrey Lynn Mattox 15 years imprisonment
Shakira Marie Myers 3 years probation
Pedro Nunez-Bautista 8 months imprisonment
Brian Wayne Peyton 18 months imprisonment
Alejandro Trejo Ponce 50 months imprisonment
Jeremy David Ransom 3 years probation
Jermaine Lamont Ransom 72 months + 6 months imprisonment
Antonio Lee Robinson 24 months imprisonment
Meg Scott 2 years probation
Jermaine Sullivan 5 years imprisonment
Aaron Thomas Shakir 8 months imprisonment
Eric L. Smothers 48 months imprisonment
Laquint McArthur Strawder 11 years imprisonment
James Edward Thomas 15 months imprisonment
Jashaun Marquis Thomas 12 years imprisonment
Mal Eric Walton 18 years imprisonment
David Arthur Washington 18 months imprisonment
Corey Allen Williams 5 years imprisonment
Shane Douglas Williams 24 months imprisonment

Paris Drug Bust Netted
55 Persons Charged and 55 Convictions

by Paul A. Gibson
courtesy of the Bourbon County Citizen

The U. S. Attorney’s office and the Kentucky State Police jointly announced last week that all 55 defendents that were arrested during last June’s large scale drug bust roundup in Paris have been convicted and sentenced.

“The reason we are holding this press conference today,” said U. S. Attorney, Kerry Harvey, “Is that the last defendant arrested in the drug bust was sentenced in federal court this morning.”

Harvey said that all 55 defendants pled guilty and received sentences “appropriate to their crimes.”  He added that the drug bust was a cooperative effort involving several agencies, ATF, Kentucky State Police, Bourbon Co. Sheriff’s Department, Paris Police Department and the Lexington Police Department.

“I’m also proud of the efforts of my staff to bring these people to justice,” Harvey said.

Kerry Harvey, U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Kentucky
Kerry Harvey, U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Kentucky

Harvey told the audience that “Much of the activity centered around a grocery story owned by Mal Walton. He used the store as a hub for the majority of the drug trafficking activities that took place. Walton used drug runners  to distribute narcotics during all hours of the day in and around the store which was located two blocks from Paris High School.  Walton received an 18 year sentence.” He added that some 75 percent of those arrested had previous felony arrests on their record.

According to Harvey the people who lived in the area feared for their lives and were afraid to walk in the area of the store.

“We hope that after seeing these sentences, the city of Paris can take some comfort in knowing that the individuals that afflicted their community for years with drug trafficking were held accountable,” Harvey said.

Kentucky State Police Commissioner, Rodney Brewer, said that the investigation came out of complaints from Bourbon County.

Rodney Brewer, Kentucky State Police Commissioner
Rodney Brewer, Kentucky State Police Commissioner

“People complained about the drug activity on “the hill” or area around the grocery store,” Brewer said.
Brewer said that KSP worked jointly with ATF and a task force to investigate, gather evidence, make drug buys and develop sufficient evidence to make the arrests.

“It was a cooperative effort with a number of police agencies.” Brewer said, “There’s no better example of how law enforcement can work together on a major case.”

Richard Putnam, AFT, Resident Agent in Charge, said that “We started investigating the criminal group known as “148” two years ago. During the investigations we witnessed drug buys, and drug trafficking. There were also some shootings that occurred during the investigation.”

Richard Putnam, ATF, Resident Agent in Charge
Richard Putnam, ATF, Resident Agent in Charge

Putnam said that indictments and warrants were issues this past June and  “On June 17 we conducted a large scale roundup. 55 arrests and 55 convictions is a fantastic job.” He added that the success of the drug bust was that all the police agencies and the prosecutor’s office worked together to bring about the arrests and convictions.
Putnam added that drug investigations are ongoing and will continue with the cooperation of KSP and ATF.
In addition to the arrests there was confiscation of a number of items that included:

10 vehicles, $29,699.18 in cash, one residence, 23 firearms, 2 bulletproof vests and approximately 220 rounds of ammunition.

Paris Mayor, Mike Thornton, expressed his appreciation for the job of all agencies involved in the successful drug bust.

“I was elected to Commissioner in 2007 and from the beginning we received complaints and concerns from the community about the drug problem. Property owners were afraid to walk the streets at night because of the criminal activity.”

Thornton added that the city knew they needed help and asked Kentucky State Police and other agencies to join in an investigation.

“The success of the drug bust has had a positive effect on our community,” Thornton said, “ Now it is totally different area and citizens can get out and walk their streets without fear.”


Updated July 8, 2015