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National Advocacy Center Operational Protocol

The National Advocacy Center (NAC) is a business facility dedicated to professional training for federal, state, and local prosecutors. While it has similarities to hotels, university facilities, and other public buildings, it operates under very specific rules and procedures. You will be responsible for following these rules and procedures upon arrival:

  1. Legal Jurisdiction - The NAC operates under both federal and state legal jurisdiction.
  2. Public Building Designation -The facility is governed by the Federal Public Building Regulations which can be found in the Code of Federal Regulations (a copy of which is posted in the building). Special attention should be paid to the regulations pertaining to weapons and alcohol.
  3. Weapons - Weapons, especially firearms, are prohibited on the premises of the NAC. If a program participant brings a firearm to the NAC, it must be surrendered to the security officer at registration and will be picked up by the University’s Police and stored. It will be the responsibility of the participant to retrieve the firearm upon leaving the training program. (This provision does not apply to licensed law enforcement agents.)
  4. Decorum -This facility is designed for training to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of program participants in their work, and an atmosphere conducive to that purpose is expected. Conduct and behavior inconsistent with this purpose will not be permitted.
  5. Dining Room - All program participants are welcome to eat and drink as much as they desire in the NAC dining room; however, no food or beverages are to be taken out of the dining room at any time.
  6. Alcoholic Beverages -Possession and consumption of alcoholic beverages at the NAC are restricted to the facility lounge during the hours of operation. Alcoholic beverages are permitted in individual guest rooms. Conduct and behavior inconsistent with this purpose will not be permitted.
  7. Access and Security - All program participants will receive a photo identification card upon admission to the building and registration at the facility. It is the responsibility of the participant to maintain and safeguard this ID. The facility is guarded and monitored by security cameras. Visitors of participants must sign in and wait at the guard station in the lobby for approved entry, and then must be escorted while in the facility. Visitors are the responsibility of the participant being visited, who must control the location, duration, and conduct of these visits. All visitors must leave the facility by midnight.
  8. Non-participant Overnight Guests - In keeping with the concept of a business facility dedicated to training, the guest rooms are limited to single occupancy by properly credentialed program participants. If a program participant anticipates overnight visits by friends, family members, or other persons during a training course, it is the responsibility of that participant to secure off-premises housing for those persons.
  9. Dress and Attire - Dress at the facility must be appropriate for the occasion. Business attire will be expected at all trial and advocacy courses. Business casual attire will be expected at all other training sessions (no jeans, shorts, tank-tops, t-shirts) unless otherwise noted. Auditoriums at the NAC are kept at moderately cool temperatures. You may want to bring a sweater or jacket to wear during class. Dress in the lounge and other common areas is casual but consistent with the decorum of the building. Participants visiting the workout facility may dress appropriately for those events.
  10. Attendance - Attendance at training sessions is mandatory, and prompt appearance at training sessions is expected.
  11. Smoking - The building is a no-smoking facility. Smoking is restricted to specifically designated areas.
  12. Parking -Participants who drive to the NAC will be required to purchase parking passes for use at surrounding garages and meters. Passes are available for periods as short as one day and are available for purchase at the front desk.
  13. Telephone Charges - All long distance and other telephone charges incurred in the facility guest rooms must be paid for by credit card at the time the charges are incurred. Charges cannot be billed to rooms.
  14. Violations - Violation of facility policies is cause for expulsion from the facility.


Updated December 24, 2014

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