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Instructions for Completing Nomination Form

This nomination form should be used by nominees who work in agencies outside of the Department of Justice and are applying for courses held at the National Advocacy Center or sponsored by the Office of Legal Education. Employees of the Department of Justice will receive information on the nomination process via e-mail to their offices' training contact.

  • Only one nomination form is provided. Submit only one name, one course, and one course date per nomination form.  Please complete ALL fields of information.
  • Local reproduction of the nomination form is authorized and encouraged.
  • OLE does not maintain a waiting list of nominees who are not accepted into a course.  If you are notified that you were not accepted, you must re-apply the next time the course is offered.
  • Due to the increasing number of nominees, we ask that only nominations for those who are certain to attend be submitted.
  • When to Apply - Nominations are due 9 weeks prior to the start of the course.  (There are a few exceptions to this time frame.)  Forms must be received at OLE by the due date in order to be considered.  Forms submitted after the due date will be considered on a space available basis only and forms received early will be held until 9 weeks prior to the course before they are processed.
Important Fields to be completed:
  • OLE Course Contact - The name of the OLE course contact listed with each course description must appear in this block. You can find their name/email in the description of the course. This is also the person to whom you will email the completed nomination form.
  • E-mail Address - a work email address is required for all nominees; as well as the email address of the nominee's supervisor.
  • Nominating Official - If the office does not have a designated nominating official, the supervisor of the nominee can sign the form. If possible, coordinate and rank the order of preference for multiple nominations from the same office. If nominations are received without the signature of the nominating official, the nominee WILL NOT be accepted into the course.
  • Notification of Acceptance/Non-Selection - Notice of acceptance or non-selection will be e-mailed to the address typed in the address box. You should receive notification approximately seven weeks before the course begins. All course information will be provided at that time. If you do not receive a notice of acceptance or non-selection, ask your nominating official to contact our office. You cannot be admitted into the course without written notification of acceptance.
  • Travel Expenses - The Office of Legal Education will pay all travel-related expenses for students attending courses at the National Advocacy Center in Columbia, South Carolina. Detailed information on how to make travel arrangements will be provided to students if/when they are accepted for a course.
  • E-mail Completed Form - The Office of Legal Education would prefer that you email your completed form to the course contact listed with the description of the class. Otherwise, you can fax it to (803) 705-5110.



Updated December 10, 2014

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