Region 1 : District Of Rhode Island

The Providence, RI office of the United States Trustee serves the District of Rhode Island.

Region 1
Gary Donahue
Assistant United States Trustee

Please note that the Providence office has moved. As of August 1, 2015, the new address and contact information is:


Office of The United States Trustee
U.S. Courthouse
One Exchange Terrace, Suite 431
Providence, RI 02903
Link to Map
Phone: (401) 528-5551
Facsimile: (401) 528-5163

NOTE: Section 341 meetings of creditors will continue to be conducted at 380 Westminster Street, 6th floor, Providence, RI, 02903. Click the tab to the left for “§ 341 Meeting Locations” for a link to a map.

Updated March 14, 2018

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