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Many individuals provided invaluable assistance during the writing of this handbook,
particularly the members of the Standing Trustee Subcommittee of the Advisory
Committee of United States Trustees. Although it is not possible to recognize all of the
persons to whom thanks are due, acknowledgement for providing assistance to this
edition is gratefully given to Wesley B. Huisinga, United States Trustee, Region 12;
John R. Stonitsch, United States Trustee, Region 13; E. Franklin Childress, United
States Trustee, Region 8; Robert L. Coley, United States Trustee, Region 21; William
P. Baity, United States Trustee, Region 5; and Albert T. Annillo, Assistant Director,
Office of Review and Oversight for the Executive Office for United States Trustees.

It is hoped that this work overall will contribute to the advancement of understanding
and competence in the Chapter 13 Standing Trustees' administration of their cases,

Director, Executive Office for
      United States Trustees
Updated May 7, 2015

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