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We gratefully appreciate the assistance of many individuals in the writing and production of this Handbook. Members of the Chapter 7 Subcommittee of the Advisory Committee of United States Trustees and particularly the Chapter 7 Handbook Working Group have worked hard and well to issue this edition of the Chapter 7 Handbook.

Although it is not feasible to acknowledge the efforts of all the people to whom thanks are due for their labor, we recognize J. Christopher Marshall, Jr., United States Trustee, Region 1, Boston, Massachusetts, and Chair of the Chapter 7 Subcommittee, for providing leadership in the development of this revised Handbook. Acknowledgment and appreciation for the considerable work in the preparation of this edition of the Handbook also are given to: Sandra J. Forbes, Assistant Director for Review and Oversight, Executive Office for United States Trustees (EOUST); and members of the Chapter 7 Subcommittee: W. Clarkson McDow, Jr., United States Trustee, Region 4, Columbia South Carolina; Janice Chenier Taylor, United States Trustees, Region 5, New Orleans, Louisiana; Kevin P. Dempsey, Acting United States Trustee, Region 10, Indianapolis, Indiana; Joel Pelofsky, Region 13, Wichita, Kansas; Jan S. Ostrovsky, United States Trustee, Region 18, Seattle, Washington; Beth R. Derrick, Assistant United States Trustee, Region 8, Nashville, Tennessee; Daniel J. Casamatta, Assistant United States Trustee, Region 9, Grand Rapids, Michigan; and Peter H. Carroll, III, Assistant United States Trustee, Region 17, Fresno, California.

Special acknowledgment for their ongoing contributions goes to Suzanne M. Hazard, Deputy Assistant Director for Chapter 7 Oversight, Office of Review and Oversight, EOUST, and to John Daugherty, Trial Attorney, Office of the General Counsel, EOUST.

Additionally, we recognize and thank many panel trustees from the National Association of Bankruptcy Trustees (NABT) for their valuable assistance and perceptive suggestions for this Handbook.

This Handbook should well serve to update and enhance the administration of chapter 7 cases.

Lawrence A. Friedman
Executive Office for
United States Trustees

June 2002

Updated May 7, 2015

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