Chapter 7 Handbook - Forms - Q&A's - Set 3

Revisions to Forms 1, 2, and 3
Questions and Answers - Set #3 (1/7/99)

84) The Sample Forms show the following format for the bankruptcy case number: 96-75484. The computer programs used by many trustees download the case number directly from the court.  The court case numbers contain the 7 digit number shown in the Handbook, but they also may contain additional information, such as the judge's initials, an additional set of numbers to identify the division, or some other combination of letters and numbers.

a. Must the case number format reported on the Forms match the example in the Handbook?


b. Should the case number reported on the Forms match the case number that is either downloaded from the court or otherwise entered into the computer by the trustee?

Yes. The trustee's software program should not modify or truncate the case number that is downloaded from the court or entered by the trustee.

c. Must the judge's initials appear with the case number?

No. The judge's initials need not appear next to the case number unless the initials were part of the case number downloaded by the trustee.

d. May the trustee show the judge's initials somewhere else on the Forms?

Yes. The judge's initials could be shown in the margin, for example.

Updated May 7, 2015