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Judicial Districts Covered By USTP Regions

Judicial Districts Covered by USTP Regions

The 21 United States Trustee regions are defined in the "Bankruptcy Judges, U.S. Trustees, & Family Farmer Bankruptcy Act of 1986," Public Law No. 99-554, 100 Stat. 3088 (28 U.S.C. § 581).

The following list identifies each USTP Region and corresponding judicial districts.

See Jurisdictional Note below regarding Alabama and North Carolina.

U.S. Trustee Regions & Corresponding Judicial Districts

Region 1:

New Hampshire
Rhode Island

Region 2:

New York (Eastern, Northern, Southern & Western Districts)

Region 3:

New Jersey
Pennsylvania (Eastern, Middle & Western Districts)

Region 4:

South Carolina
Virginia (Eastern & Western Districts)
West Virginia (Northern & Southern Districts)
District of Columbia

Region 5:

Louisiana (Eastern, Middle & Western Districts)
Mississippi (Northern & Southern Districts)

Region 6:

Texas (Eastern & Northern Districts)

Region 7:

Texas (Southern and Western Districts)

Region 8:

Kentucky (Eastern & Western Districts)
Tennessee (Eastern, Middle & Western Districts)

Region 9:

Ohio (Northern & Southern Districts)
Michigan (Eastern & Western Districts)

Region 10:

Illinois (Central & Southern Districts)
Indiana (Northern & Southern Districts)

Region 11:

Illinois (Northern District)
Wisconsin (Eastern & Western Districts)

Region 12:

Iowa (Northern & Southern Districts)
North Dakota
South Dakota

Region 13:

Arkansas (Eastern & Western Districts)
Missouri (Eastern & Western Districts)

Region 14:


Region 15:

California (Southern District)
Northern Mariana Islands

Region 16:

California (Central District)

Region 17:

California (Eastern & Northern Districts)

Region 18:

Idaho (exclusive of Yellowstone National Park)
Montana (exclusive of Yellowstone National Park)
Washington (Eastern & Western Districts)

Region 19:

Wyoming (including those portions of Yellowstone National Park in Montana & Idaho)

Region 20:

New Mexico
Oklahoma (Eastern, Northern & Western Districts)

Region 21:

Georgia (Middle, Northern & Southern Districts)
Florida (Middle, Northern & Southern Districts)
Puerto Rico
U.S. Virgin Islands

NOTE: Bankruptcy cases in Alabama and North Carolina are not under the jurisdiction of the United States Trustee Program. Questions regarding bankruptcy cases filed in the six judicial districts in those states should be directed to the Bankruptcy Administrator for the district where the case is pending. Contact information for the Bankruptcy Administrators is available on the federal judiciary's Web site at http://www.uscourts.gov/services-forms/bankruptcy/trustees-and-administrators.

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