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Fiscal Year 2000
Performance Report


Fiscal Year 2002
Performance Plan




Prepared by
Justice Management Division
April 2001

Message from the Attorney General

I am pleased to present this report on the Department of Justice's performance during fiscal year 2000 and plans for fiscal year 2002.

The Department of Justice is charged with upholding the American justice tradition that strives to bring protection to the weak, freedom to the restrained, liberty to the oppressed, and security to all. On the shoulders of the Department of Justice rests the duty to enforce federal laws; deter, investigate and prosecute federal crimes, including gun, drug and civil rights violations; incarcerate offenders; work with state and local governments and community groups to prevent crime; secure America. s borders and protect against terrorism, both foreign and domestic; provide services to immigrants; and provide leadership and assistance in meeting the needs of crime victims. These efforts are based on the fundamental principle that no American is beyond the protection of the law or the reach of the law.

The Department of Justice is held accountable for meeting the highest standards of effectiveness, efficiency and integrity. Whether patrolling a remote border area, arguing a legal point in the courtroom, or investigating a serious crime, Justice employees have earned a reputation for skill, dedication, and integrity. The information provided in this document serves as both a report on the Department. s efforts and a mechanism of accountability.

As Attorney General, I pledge to administer the Department of Justice with fairness, integrity and accountability. The Department will vigorously enforce the law, protecting our Constitutional rights for the advancement of all Americans.


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John Ashcroft

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