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July 2002

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Click for PDF version A Message from the CIO
Click for PDF version Table of Contents
Click for PDF version IT Strategic Plan
    Overview of the Department of Justice
    The Need for Change
      Meeting New Mission requirements
      Achieving Improved Performance
    Vision and Goals
    IT Infrastructure
      Strategic Initiative: Develop the infrastructure architecture layer of the DOJ enterprise architecture
      Strategic Initiative: Provide a single, national data network
    Information Security
      Strategic Initiative: Strengthen and improve the DOJ information security program
      Strategic Initiative: Design and implement a DOJ Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
    Common Solutions
      Strategic Initiative: Create a blueprint for common solutions
      Strategic Initiative: Develop and implement "e gov" plan
    Management Roles and Processes
      Leadership Role of the CIO
      Strategic Initiative: Establish and implement an ongoing, collaborative strategic planning process
      Strategic Initiative: Establish, refine, and implement DOJ IT policies, processes, and standards
      Strategic Initiative: Continue to develop, refine, and implement a DOJ enterprise architecture
      Strategic Initiative: Develop and implement an IT human capital plan
      Strategic Initiative: Establish and implement improved investment management processes and practices
      Strategic Initiative: Improve project management
    Summary of Strategic Initiatives and Next Steps
    Critical Success Factors
Click for PDF version   A. Statutory Framework for Managing IT
Click for PDF version   B. The Prospects for Technology Insertion
Click for PDF version   C. Department of Justice Infrastructure Strategy
Click for PDF version   D. Department of Justice Telecommunications Strategy
Click for PDF version   E. Public Key Infrastructure at the Department of Justice
Click for PDF version   F. Segment Architecture of the Law Enforcement Booking Process
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