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Illinois Drug Threat Assessment Update
May 2002


Cocaine will likely remain the most significant drug threat to Illinois because of high demand for and ready availability of the drug throughout the state. The level of violence associated with crack cocaine distribution and abuse will continue to contribute to the magnitude of the threat. Mexican DTOs and criminal groups have well-established transportation and distribution networks in Illinois; therefore, it is likely they will continue as the dominant suppliers and wholesale distributors of powdered cocaine throughout the state. Street gangs will continue to dominate the retail distribution of powdered and crack cocaine.

Heroin, primarily South American and Southeast Asian, will continue to pose a considerable threat to the state, particularly in the Chicago area. It is likely that South American heroin will surpass Southeast Asian heroin as the most prevalent type, particularly as Colombian DTOs continue to exploit heroin markets in the state.

Marijuana will remain the most commonly available and widely abused illicit drug in Illinois. Cannabis will continue to be cultivated at indoor and outdoor grow sites throughout the state; however, locally produced marijuana will not become more prevalent than Mexican marijuana.

Methamphetamine production, availability, and abuse will continue to increase, particularly in rural areas of central and southern Illinois. Law enforcement reporting indicates that methamphetamine availability also is increasing in northern areas of the state, contributing to the overall threat.

MDMA and GHB abuse will continue, particularly among teenagers and young adults. Rave and dance clubs will remain the primary outlets for these drugs, but it is likely that they will continue to be sold on college and high school campuses and at private parties.

Ketamine, PCP, LSD, and diverted pharmaceuticals will continue to pose a low threat to the state. Select groups of users, particularly teenagers and young adults, will continue to abuse these drugs.


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