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The National Drug Threat Assessment, NDIC's major intelligence product, is a comprehensive, annual report on national drug trafficking and abuse trends within the United States. The assessment identifies the primary drug threat to the nation, monitors fluctuations in consumption levels, tracks drug availability by geographic market, and analyzes trafficking and distribution patterns. The report highlights the most current quantitative and qualitative information on availability, demand, production and cultivation, transportation, and distribution, as well as the effects of a particular drug on abusers and society as a whole.

Drug Market Analyses examine the market dynamics and the trafficking, distribution, and abuse patterns associated with cocaine, heroin, marijuana, MDMA, methamphetamine, and other dangerous drugs within United States major cities.

NDIC produces Situation Reports providing a time-sensitive overview of the drug threat posed by various drugs.

SENTRY Watches rely primarily on qualitative or anecdotal information and involve the collection of incident reports from a wide network of sources from the SENTRY electronic submissions. A DrugAlert Watch will inform and alert agencies to a newly recognized drug-related issue so that these agencies can take initial action.

A SENTRY DrugAlert Warning will combine the qualitative data collected in the DrugAlert Watch phase with quantitative data collected by NDIC analysts and our partners. Quantitative data may come from sources at a variety of partner agencies. We will also gather data from new sources such as state-level prescription drug monitoring programs and state early warning systems. At the warning level, agencies may be able to respond to the trend with formal action. Warning-level action might consist of law enforcement agencies identifying and targeting the source-of-supply for local distributors or treatment providers beginning formal studies into short- and long-term physical and psychological effects of abuse of the drug.

NDIC products are available by:

  1. Downloading from our Internet, ADNET, JWICS, LEO, or our RISS web sites.
  2. Ordering our publication CD.
  3. Calling our Dissemination Line at 814-532-4541.

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NOTE: On June 15, 2012, the National Drug Intelligence Center will close. This web site will no longer be maintained. The documents that are currently on this site may contain dated information. They remain available to provide access to historical materials.
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