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National Drug Threat Assessment 2006
January 2006

Appendix A. Maps

Map 1. Seven Regions
U.S. map showing the country divided into seven regions.

Map 2. National Drug Threat Survey 2005 greatest drug threat as reported by state and local agencies.
Graph showing percentage of greatest drug threats reported by state and local agencies superimposed on a U.S. map.

Map 3. Areas of influence of drug trafficking organizations in the United States.
Six U.S. maps showing the areas of influence of Mexican, Colombian, Dominican, Jamaican, Asian, and Russian-Israeli drug trafficking organizations.

Source: Drug Enforcement Administration; Organized Crime and Drug Enforcement Task Force.

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Map 4. Methamphetamine Threat Progression.
Three U.S. maps showing percentage of agencies in each state for the years 2003-2005 reporting methamphetamine as their greatest threat, broken down by year.

Map 5. Vectors in the Transit Zone--CCDB-documented cocaine flow departing South America, January-December 2004.
Map of the Southern U.S., Central America, and northern South America showing percentage of cocaine moving along nine corridors.

Source: Interagency Assessment of Cocaine Movement.

Map 6. Principal drug distribution centers.
U.S. map showing cities and areas serving as principal drug distribution centers, broken down by drug.

Principal Distribution Centers (PDCs) were identified primarily through analysis of domestic drug seizure data; however, law enforcement reporting also was considered. Analysis of EPIC data from 2000 through 2004 revealed the cities that were most often identified as the origin or destination of seized drug shipments. These cities constitute most of the identified PDCs. Other cities, however, were included based on law enforcement reporting that indicates these cities are likely as significant as other PDCs, despite somewhat lower associated drug seizures.

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