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Domestic Cannabis Cultivation Assessment 2007
February 2007

Intelligence Gaps

Law enforcement efforts over the past several years have provided significant insight into the nature and extent of cannabis cultivation and marijuana production in the United States. However, intelligence gaps do exist, primarily:

  • The extent of DTO and criminal group involvement in the Appalachian region is unknown because cannabis cultivation is largely rooted in generations of families within insular communities.
  • Eradication statistics are underreported in some areas because no requirements exist for such reporting. Some counties do not have agreements with DCE/SP, and therefore eradication totals are not recorded to the DCE/SP program.
  • Mexican DTO involvement in outdoor cannabis cultivation operations is significant; however, determining the extent of their involvement in many areas of the country is difficult because law enforcement resources are insufficient to fully investigate these groups.
  • Limited information as to the domestic cannabis cultivation operations of Asian DTOs and criminal groups--a result of the insular nature of the communities--degrades accurate analysis as to the full extent of their operations in the United States.

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