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Central Valley High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area Drug Market Analysis
June 2007

Drug Threat Overview

Central California is a primary source area and a national-level distribution center for illicit drugs produced and supplied by Mexican DTOs and, to a lesser but growing extent, Asian criminal groups. Methamphetamine, particularly ice methamphetamine, and marijuana are produced in wholesale quantities in the region, chiefly by Mexican DTOs. Additionally, bulk quantities of ice methamphetamine, marijuana, powder cocaine, and heroin are regularly transported by Mexican DTOs from source areas in Mexico into the area for regional- and national-level distribution. Moreover, in the last year indoor cannabis cultivation has increased in the region, particularly cultivation at large-scale grow sites operated by Asian criminal groups in residential neighborhoods throughout the northern and central counties in the HIDTA region.

Crack cocaine and black tar heroin are also distributed in the HIDTA region, but to a lesser extent than methamphetamine, powder cocaine, and marijuana. The availability of other dangerous drugs (ODDs) and pharmaceuticals has increased over the past year in the area, compounding the magnitude of the problems confronting the region from illicit drug trafficking.

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