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Houston High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area Drug Market Analysis
June 2007

Drug Markets

The Houston metropolitan area is the major drug market in the HIDTA region; however, there are several significant outlying markets, including Beaumont/Port Arthur and Corpus Christi.


Houston Drug Market

Houston is a major drug distribution center that supplies a vast number of market areas in the United States, including Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit, New York, and Philadelphia, with illicit drugs, primarily cocaine and marijuana. Houston's well-developed highway system, established financial infrastructure, racial and ethnic diversity, and large volume of international trade contribute to the region's role as a major transshipment point for illicit drugs destined for U.S. drug markets and for drug proceeds destined for Mexico. The significant number of drug-related investigations throughout the United States that are linked to the city, including those in Atlanta, Chicago, Miami, Newark, New Orleans, New York, and St. Louis, further demonstrates Houston's role as a key national drug distribution and money laundering center.

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