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Appendix C. Methamphetamine Prices

Table 1. Methamphetamine Prices by State and City--January Through June 2007

State/Territory/District City Price in Dollars
Wholesale Midlevel Retail
Alabama Birmingham 5,500-7,000/lb Ice MX 1,500/oz Ice MX 80-100/g Ice MX
80-100/g LP
Mobile 12,000-14,000/lb Ice MX 1,600/oz Ice MX 100-140/g Ice MX
Montgomery 10,000-12,000/lb LP 1,400-1,600/oz Ice MX 120/g Ice MX
Alaska Anchorage 10,000-20,000/lb Ice MX 1,350-1,800/oz Ice MX, LP 100-150/g Ice MX, LP
Arizona Phoenix 10,000-15,000/lb
2,500/ lb
50/ g
20/ g
Tucson 6,500-10,000/lb
4,000-4,500/ lb
500-600/oz 40-60/g
Arkansas Fayetteville 13,000-18,500/lb Ice MX 1,300-1,500/oz Ice MX 100/g Ice MX
90-100/g LP
Fort Smith 12,000-15,000/lb Ice MX 1,200-1,400/oz Ice MX 100/g Ice MX
100/g LP
Little Rock 12,000-18,000/lb Ice MX 800-1,300/oz Ice MX 60-80/g Ice MX
60-80/g LP
California Fresno 15,000-20,000/lb Ice 950-1,400/oz Ice NR
Los Angeles 15,000/lb Ice
9,000-10,000/lb PM
600-800/oz Ice
100-125/⅛ oz Ice
60-70/1/16 oz Ice 40-50/1/32 oz Ice 20/ g Ice
Sacramento 16,000/lb Ice
2,100-3,600/ lb Ice
400-628/oz PM
700-900/oz Ice
San Diego 9,000-17,000/lb Ice 750-1,250/oz Ice
200-350/ oz Ice
140-200/ oz Ice
90-130/1/16 oz PM
40-90/g Ice
20-25/ g Ice
10/1/10 g Ice
San Francisco 10,000-20,000/lb Ice
6,800-7,200/lb PM
810-1,800/oz Ice
750/oz PM
75/g Ice
160-200/⅛ oz Ice
100-120/1/16 oz Ice
Colorado Colorado Springs 14,000-16,000/lb Ice MX 1,200-1,500/oz Ice MX
500-800/oz PM, LP
100-140/g Ice MX, PM, LP
Denver 16,000-20,000/lb Ice MX
12,000-15,000/lb PM MX
1,000-1,300/oz Ice MX
50-1,000/oz PM MX
120-150/g Ice MX, PM, LP
Connecticut Bridgeport 15,000-18,000/lb 2,300/oz -
Hartford - - -
New Haven - - -
Delaware Wilmington 30,000-36,000/kg PM
14,000-16,000/lb PM
1,200-1,400/oz PM 50-60/g
District of Columbia Washington - 100-150/g PM -
Florida Jacksonville 16,000/lb 1,000-1,700/oz
1,100/oz Ice
Miami 15,000-30,000/lb Ice 2,100/oz Ice -
Orlando 12,000-15,000/lb PM
9,000-15,000/lb Ice
950-1,600/oz PM
1,800-2,400/oz Ice
15-100/g PM
Tampa 14,000-18,000/lb Ice
6,000-16,000/lb PM
1,200/oz Ice
600-1,200/oz PM
30-100/g Ice
70-80/g PM
Georgia Atlanta 10,000-20,000/lb Ice
8,000-12,000/lb DO PM
6,000-10,000/lb MX PM
750-1,600/oz Ice
600-1,400/oz DO PM
900-1,200/oz MX PM
100-120/g Ice
200-250/8-ball Ice
25-80/g MX PM
5-40/g DO PM
Columbus 4,000-8,000/lb DO, MX PM 1,200-1,500/oz Ice
1,000-1,500/oz DO PM
100-150/g Ice
100-125/g DO, MX PM
Macon - 800-1,500/oz Ice 80-100/g Ice
35-135/g MX PM
Savannah 12,000/lb MX PM
12,000-16,000/lb MX PM
1,000-1,500/oz DO PM
800-1,600/oz Ice
50-100/g MX PM
100-140/g DO PM
100-150/g Ice
Hawaii Honolulu 20,000-45,000/lb Ice 2,500-3,500/oz Ice
1,000-2,100/ oz Ice
500-1,000/ oz Ice
200-300/g Ice
50/150/ g Ice
300-600/⅛ oz Ice
200-400/1/16 oz Ice
Idaho Boise 17,000/lb Ice 1,000-1,400/oz Ice 100-120/g Ice
Illinois Chicago 8,000-16,000/lb Ice 1,000-1,500/oz Ice 150/8-ball Ice
80-100/g Ice
25-30/0.1 g Ice
Rockford - - NR
Springfield - - 250/8-ball PM
100/g PM
Indiana Evansville - 1,400-1,800/oz PM 100/g PM
125/g Ice
Fort Wayne 12,000-15,000/lb PM
15,000/lb Ice
1,200/oz PM 100/g PM
Indianapolis 15,000-18,000/lb Ice
7,000-9,000/lb PM
1,500-2,000/oz Ice
500-1,000/oz PM
200/g Ice
100/g PM
Merrillville 10,000/lb Ice
3,500-7,000/lb PM
400-800/oz PM 50-70/g PM
Iowa Cedar Rapids 6,000-12,000/lb Ice 900-1,400/oz Ice 100-130/g Ice
Des Moines 10,000-15,000/lb Ice 1,000-1,400/oz Ice 120-140/g Ice
Kansas Wichita 10,000-16,000/lb Ice MX
3,500-4,000/lb PM MX
1,000-1,300/oz Ice MX
425-500/oz PM MX
120-140/g Ice MX
60-80/g PM MX
Kentucky Lexington 6,000-7,000/lb 1,400/oz 100/g
London 10,000-12,000/lb 1,000/oz 100/g
Louisville 12,000-14,000/lb 1,800/oz 110-125/g
Louisiana Baton Rouge 16,000/lb 1,000/oz 100/g
New Orleans 16,000/lb 1,400-1,600/oz
250/ oz
Shreveport 19,000/lb 2,200-2,500/oz 125/g
Maine Bangor - - 200/g PM
Lewiston - - 100-200/g PM
75-150/g LP
Portland - - -
Maryland Baltimore - - -
Hagerstown - - -
Massachusetts Boston 12,500-16,000/lb
21,000/lb Ice
1,500-3,000/oz Ice
1,250-1,400/oz PM
400-500/ oz PM
Springfield - - -
Worcester - 1,500-1,600/oz Ice
Michigan Detroit 16,000/lb PM LP 1,200/oz PM LP
1,600-2,200/oz ICE
175/g PM LP
60-65/ g Ice
Grand Rapids - 800/oz PM LP 100/g PM LP
Saginaw - 1,200/oz PM LP 100/g PM LP
Minnesota Minneapolis 16,000/lb Ice 900-1,700/oz Ice 90-100/g Ice
Mississippi Gulfport 14,000-15,000/lb Ice MX 1,000-1,400/oz Ice MX NR
Jackson 12,000-14,000/lb Ice MX 1,000-1,200/oz Ice MX 100-120/g Ice
Oxford - 1,000-1,200/oz Ice MX 150-250/8-ball Ice MX
150-250/8-ball LP
100/g Ice MX
100/g LP
Missouri Kansas City 12,000/lb Ice MX 1,200-1,500/oz Ice MX 100/g Ice MX
St. Louis - 1,500/oz Ice MX -
Montana Billings 20,000/lb Ice 1,100-2,000/oz Ice 120-150/g
Great Falls 10,000-20,000/lb Ice 1,100-1,500/oz PM 120-150/g
80-100/g PM
Nebraska Grand Island - 800-1,200/oz Ice MX 80-100/g Ice MX
180-250/8-ball Ice MX
Omaha - 600-850/oz Ice MX -
Nevada Las Vegas 16,000-18,000/lb Ice 700-850/oz Ice 240/⅛ oz Ice
160/1/16 oz Ice
80-100/g Ice
Reno 19,200/lb Ice 1,200/oz Ice 100/g Ice
New Hampshire Concord - 1,500/oz PM 100/g PM
Manchester 19,000-20,000/lb 2,200-3,000/oz Ice
325-550/⅛ oz LP
140-200/g LP
New Jersey Atlantic City 12,000-24,000/lb PM
9,000-16,000/lb Ice
300-350/8-ball PM 90-100/g Ice
Camden 12,000-24,000/lb PM
9,000-16,000/lb Ice
2,500/oz PM
900-1,100/oz Ice
300-350/8-ball PM
90-100/g Ice
Newark 8,000-18,000/lb PM
12,000-17,000/lb Ice
1,000-5,000/oz Ice 200/⅛ oz PM
65-80/g PM
New Mexico Albuquerque 17,000-20,000/kg
800-1,000/oz -
Las Cruces 15,000/kg
1,000/oz 80/g
New York Albany - 900-1,600/oz PM
1,850-2,800/oz Ice
70-200/g PM
Buffalo 10,000-26,000/lb PM 1,600-2,000/oz PM 65-150/g PM
New York 13,000-18,000/lb Ice 3,000-7,000/oz Ice
800-1,400/oz PM
130-140/g PM
North Carolina Charlotte 8,000-15,000/lb MX PM
24,000-26,000/kg Ice
10,000-12,000/lb Ice
1,200-2,000/oz MX PM
1,200/oz Ice
50/ g PM
100-125/g MX PM
Raleigh 12,000-15,000/lb PM 1,200-1,600/oz PM
1,100-1,500/oz Ice
Wilmington 15,000-17,000/lb PM 800-1,200/oz PM 80-100/g PM
North Dakota Bismarck 22,000/lb Ice
10,000-20,000/lb PM
2,000-2,500/oz Ice
1,600/oz PM
200/g Ice
100/g PM
Fargo 15,000/lb Ice
6,000-9,000/lb PM
600/⅛ oz Ice
275-350/⅛ oz PM
80-100/ g Ice
50/ g PM
Ohio Cincinnati - - 100/g
Cleveland 15,000/lb 1,000/oz 100/g PM LP
Columbus - 1,000-1,200/oz 100-120/g
Dayton 9,000-10,000/lb 1,200/oz 100/g
Toledo - 1,000/oz 100/g
Youngstown - 1,500/oz 100/g
Oklahoma Oklahoma City 16,000-20,000/kg Ice MX
9,000-12,000/lb Ice MX
800-1,200/oz Ice MX 90-110/g Ice MX
Tulsa 8,500-9,000/lb Ice MX 750-1,000/oz Ice MX 85-120/g Ice MX
Oregon Eugene 8,500-16,000/lb Ice
4,000-8,000/lb PM
625-1,200/oz Ice
500-700/oz PM
80-100/g Ice
40-100/g PM
Portland 10,000-16,000/lb Ice
4,000-7,000/lb PM
700-1,200/oz Ice
450-1,000/oz PM
80-100/g Ice
50/g PM
Pennsylvania Allentown - 1,700-3,500/oz 100-140/g
Philadelphia 8,000-20,000/lb PM 700-2,400/oz PM
2,000-2,500/oz Ice
125-175/8-ball PM
350-400/8-ball Ice
42-175/g PM
Pittsburgh 6,500/lb 1,000-1,300/oz 100/g
Puerto Rico San Juan - - -
Rhode Island Providence - - -
South Carolina Charleston - 975-1,400/oz PM 100-200/g PM
Columbia 12,000-15,000/lb PM
15,000-18,000/lb Ice
900-1,100/oz PM
1,100-1,300/oz Ice
80-120/g PM
88-132/g Ice
Greenville 18,000-22,000/lb PM
18,000-22,000/lb MX PM
25,000-27,000/lb Ice
800-1,200/oz PM
800-1,200/oz MX PM
1,200-1,400/oz Ice
80-100/g PM
80-100/g MX PM
150-250/g Ice
South Dakota Rapid City 15,000-16,000/lb Ice 2,000-2,400/oz Ice 150/g Ice
Sioux Falls 9,000-12,000/lb Ice
6,000-12,000/lb PM
1,000-1,500/oz Ice
700-1,200/oz PM
100-150/g Ice
50-100/g PM
Tennessee Knoxville 9,000-15,000/lb Ice 800-1,500/oz Ice -
Memphis - 1,600-1,800/oz Ice
1,000/oz PM
100-150/g Ice
100/g PM
Nashville - 900-1,800/oz Ice 75-100/g Ice
Texas Alpine - - -
Dallas 10,000-12,000/lb Ice MX
10,500/lb PM
1,200-1,400/oz Ice MX
600-800/oz PM
100-125/g Ice MX
70-100/g PM
El Paso 20,000/kg PM
22,000/kg Ice
- 25-50/g PM
30-50/g Ice
Houston 8,000-15,000/lb Ice
6,000-10,000/lb PM
700-1,500/oz Ice
500-900/oz PM
Midland 16,000/kg PM 800/oz PM 100-120/g PM
San Antonio 8,000-12,000/lb Ice
16,000-25,000/kg Ice
6,000-10,000/lb PM
500-1,500/oz Ice
500-1,000/oz PM
100-125/g Ice
90-110/g PM
Utah Salt Lake City 10,000-18,000/lb Ice MX
9,000-16,000/lb PM MX
900-1,600/oz Ice MX
800-1,400/oz PM MX
100-400/8-ball Ice MX
50-150/1/16 oz Ice MX
40-120/g Ice MX
Vermont Burlington - - 150-180/g Ice
Virginia Fairfax - 2,200-2,800/oz PM -
Norfolk 15,000-17,000/kg 8,000-9,000/ kg
4,000-5,000/ kg
350-400/ oz
200-250/ oz
150-250/⅛ oz
125-175/1/16 oz
50/ g
20/1/10 g
Richmond - - -
Roanoke 8,000-12,000/lb
800-1,000/oz 1,100/oz
Virginia Beach 28,000-32,000/kg PM
15,000-17,000/ kg PM
13,000-15,000/lb PM
16,000-17,500/lb Ice
8,500-9,500/ kg PM
900-1,000/oz PM
1,000-1,100/oz Ice
500-600/ oz PM
300-350/ oz PM
175-225/8-ball PM
150-200/1/16 oz PM
90-110/g PM
Washington Seattle 7,000-13,000/lb Ice
3,000-5,000/lb PM
700-1,300/oz Ice
350-800/oz PM
150/g Ice
20-60/g PM
Spokane 8,000-12,500/lb Ice
4,000-10,000/lb PM
700-1,400/oz Ice
450-1,300/oz PM
80-100/g Ice
40-60/g PM
Yakima 8,000-15,000/lb Ice
2,500-10,000/lb PM
700-1,200/oz Ice
300-600/oz PM
50-125/g Ice
30/g PM
West Virginia Charleston 7,000/lb Ice 1,000-1,300/oz Ice 180-200/g Ice
250-300/8-ball Ice
Wisconsin Green Bay - 1,000-1,200/oz PM 100/g Ice
Madison - 900-1,500/oz PM 150-200/g PM
Milwaukee - 700-1,350/oz PM 100/g PM
Wyoming Cheyenne 10,000-13,500/lb Ice MX
8,000-12,000/lb PM MX
900-2,000/oz Ice MX
900-2,000/oz PM MX
200-400/8-ball Ice MX
200-400/⅛ oz PM MX
175/1/16 oz Ice PM MX
75-125/g PM Ice MX

Source: National Drug Intelligence Center, National Illicit Drug Prices, June 2007.

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