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The Arizona HIDTA region's position as the principal U.S. arrival zone for Mexican marijuana will persist. Mexican DTOs active in the HIDTA region maintain large-scale cannabis grow sites in Mexico and have direct connections to organizations in Mexico that provide a ready supply of marijuana. Such production capabilities and connections ensure that the flow of Mexican marijuana will continue, despite law enforcement seizures of large quantities of marijuana in the United States and Mexico.

The availability of methamphetamine in the Arizona HIDTA region may remain below previous levels for the near term. Continuing law enforcement pressure on Mexican DTOs in both the U.S. and Mexico will likely force Mexican DTOs to alter their methamphetamine smuggling operations in the region. Additionally, enhanced import and chemical control restrictions in Mexico will hinder the production of methamphetamine in the short term until DTOs find alternative precursor sources or alternative production methods.

The use of subterranean tunnels may increase. These tunnels are a viable method for Mexican DTOs to avoid apprehension by law enforcement and military officials particularly in the Nogales, Arizona, area because of the intricate structure of subterranean water, sewage, and drainage systems.

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