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The price of ice methamphetamine in the CBAG region will most likely stabilize at high levels as distributors and users become accustomed to higher price levels for the drug because of sustained shortages. Availability of ice methamphetamine in the region may eventually increase; however, such an increase is largely dependent upon the ability of Mexican DTOs to regain access to bulk quantities of pseudoephedrine.

Cross-border violence will remain high in the CBAG region. Mexican DTOs actively competing for control of drug smuggling routes in the Baja California region and increased border security initiatives to control drug smuggling will result in rising levels of violence between DTOs as well as between DTOs and law enforcement officials. Additionally, intensifying border violence will quite likely extend inward into the United States, endangering both law enforcement personnel and citizens.

Mexican DTOs will quite likely expand cannabis cultivation operations in the CBAG region to supply increasing demand for higher-potency marijuana and to capitalize on the profit potential of high-potency marijuana distribution in the United States.

The number and use of subterranean tunnels may increase in the near term, since such tunnels are a viable way for Mexican DTOs to avoid apprehension by law enforcement and military officials. Additionally, subterranean tunnels could pose a security threat to the United States by providing a route for the clandestine transport of weapons, illegal aliens, or terrorists into the United States.

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