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There currently is no evidence to suggest that the Central Valley HIDTA region will diminish as a regional- and national-level distribution center for drugs produced in the area (ice methamphetamine and high-potency marijuana) and for drugs smuggled into the area from Mexico by Mexican DTOs (ice methamphetamine, marijuana, cocaine, and black tar heroin). The various DTOs operating in the area are well-entrenched and have operated large-scale distribution operations from the area for many years.

Over the next year the production and distribution of indoor marijuana in the Central Valley HIDTA region will most likely increase. Increased indoor cultivation will most likely be fueled by the growing number of Asian DTO indoor cultivators relocating from Canada to the HIDTA region. Increased indoor cultivation also will be supported by a greater number of local marijuana producers moving their operations indoors to avoid intensified outdoor eradication efforts and to gain higher profits through year-round production of indoor-grown, high-potency marijuana.

Local Caucasian groups will most likely increase their exploitation of medical marijuana laws. Law enforcement and intelligence reporting indicates the emergence of organized local Caucasian groups who collaborate with attorneys to establish cannabis cultivation sites considered legal under state medical marijuana laws. However, many of these groups subsequently exceed the cultivation and possession limits and cultivate cannabis for personal use and illicit distribution.

Over the next year there will very likely be a significant increase in the number of cannabis plants eradicated in the HIDTA because of the recent designation of Shasta County as a HIDTA county. Shasta County is one of the largest marijuana-producing counties in the United States.

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