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Despite a decrease in quantities of illicit drugs seized along the U.S.-Mexico border in South Texas, the South Texas HIDTA region's position as a major transportation and distribution area will persist. The entrenched nature of Mexican DTOs in South Texas and the area's proximity to sources of supply in Mexico and large drug markets in the United States render it one of the most lucrative smuggling corridors along the Southwest Border.

The amount of cocaine and methamphetamine seized in South Texas may remain below normal levels in the near term. Continued law enforcement pressure and the recent arrests of high-ranking cartel members will quite likely be the driving factors behind decreasing seizure amounts. If ongoing law enforcement operations continue to successfully disrupt or alter smuggling operations into South Texas, a further decrease in seizure amounts will most likely occur.

The threat of drug trafficking-related violence in the South Texas HIDTA region will persist. The Mexican Government's counterdrug pressure against the drug cartels has resulted in the targeting of law enforcement and military personnel operations in Mexico. In addition, the truce and reduction in violence between the Gulf Cartel and Sinaloa Cartel could easily dissipate, and the violent cartel wars that have burdened this region in recent years could reignite.

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