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District of Columbia Drug Threat Assessment Update
May 2003


Cocaine will remain a significant drug threat to D.C. because it is readily available, frequently abused, and the distribution and abuse of crack are more frequently associated with violent crime than any other drug. Colombian and Dominican DTOs and criminal groups have historically dominated the distribution of cocaine in D.C., and there are no indications that this trend will change.

Heroin, primarily South American heroin, will continue to pose a serious threat to D.C. Treatment data suggest that heroin abuse is a serious problem and abuse levels are increasing. Colombian and Dominican criminal groups will remain the primary transporters and wholesale-level distributors of South American heroin. Crews and local independent dealers will continue to dominate retail-level distribution.

Marijuana will remain the most commonly available and widely abused drug in D.C. Most marijuana will continue to be smuggled from Mexico through southwestern states.

The emergence of PCP as a club drug will impact distribution patterns in D.C. MDMA is the most readily available and frequently abused club drug; however, PCP, which may soon eclipse MDMA in the District, poses a more serious threat.

Methamphetamine will continue to pose a minimal drug threat to D.C. Availability and abuse of the drug will increase in the near term.


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