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Delaware Drug Threat Assessment Update
May 2003


Methamphetamine distribution and abuse pose a low drug threat to Delaware. The Delaware Health and Social Services Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health does not report the number of methamphetamine-related treatment admissions in the state; however, there were 10 amphetamine-related treatment admissions to publicly funded facilities in Delaware in SFY2001. DAWN mortality data indicate that there were no methamphetamine-related deaths in the Wilmington metropolitan area in 2001.

Methamphetamine rarely is produced or available in Delaware. Four of the five law enforcement respondents to the NDTS 2002 in Delaware reported that the availability of methamphetamine is low in their jurisdictions. FDSS data indicate that federal law enforcement officials in Delaware seized 1.2 kilograms of methamphetamine in 2002. According to USSC data, there were no methamphetamine-related federal sentences in Delaware in FY2001. (See Table 1 in Cocaine section.) The DEA Wilmington Resident Office reported that methamphetamine, when available, sold for $1,200 to $1,500 per ounce and $20 per gram in the first quarter of FY2003.

Caucasian local independent dealers are the dominant transporters of methamphetamine into the state; they also are the primary retail distributors. These dealers typically purchase methamphetamine in Philadelphia and transport it back to the state via private vehicles. Methamphetamine also is transported from southwestern states via package delivery services, although to a lesser extent. Methamphetamine typically is distributed from private homes, bars, and other public areas.


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