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Drug Trafficking Organizations

Mexican DTOse are the principal wholesale distributors of cocaine and Mexican methamphetamine and commercial-grade marijuana in the Appalachia HIDTA region. They also distribute lesser quantities of Mexican brown powder heroin and black tar heroin at the midlevel and retail level. Mexican traffickers typically obtain their illicit drugs from Mexican DTOs near the Southwest Border area or in Atlanta, Georgia. In addition, Mexican traffickers cultivate cannabis at outdoor grow sites in the region. Mexican traffickers supply illicit drugs to most midlevel and retail-level traffickers in the region, principally African American and Caucasian distributors.

Caucasian DTOs and criminal groups are the primary cannabis cultivators and methamphetamine producers in the region. They distribute locally produced marijuana and methamphetamine as well as Mexican marijuana, powder and crack cocaine, Mexican methamphetamine, and CPDs. Caucasian traffickers obtain most illicit drugs, with the exception of CPDs and locally produced marijuana and methamphetamine, from Mexican traffickers in the region. Caucasian traffickers sometimes purchase Mexican methamphetamine directly from sources of supply in Atlanta, Georgia; and Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona.


e. Mexican DTOs in the Appalachia HIDTA region are frequently composed of illegal immigrants from Mexico, Americans of Mexican descent, or a combination of both.

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