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NDIC analysts expect Mexican DTOs to continue their dominance over most wholesale cocaine, heroin, and marijuana distribution in the Chicago HIDTA region. African American and Hispanic street gangs will maintain control over retail-level illicit drug distribution in urban areas and will continue the expansion of their criminal activities into surrounding suburban communities. Furthermore, high-ranking street gang members in Chicago will develop closer working relationships with Mexican DTOs to ensure a steady supply of illicit drugs for distribution in Chicago. Wholesale cocaine availability in the Chicago HIDTA region is expected to fluctuate but remain at levels sufficient to support market demand. It is expected that the high availability of heroin coupled with the growing number of heroin abusers from suburban areas who travel to the region to purchase the drug will result in a rising number of abusers and heroin-related overdoses in Chicago and surrounding communities. The trafficking of high-potency marijuana from Canada and the West Coast is expected to increase, as is local indoor production, leading to increased availability and abuse of high-potency marijuana in the region.

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