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HP 2006 Program Information
General Information and Time Line
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HP 2006 General Information and Time Line
  • Interviews for HP 2006 applicants will be merged with the second and third week of the 2008 Honors Program interviews.  Interviews will begin on Tuesday, October 14 and end on Friday, October 24, 2008.

  • You may interview only with a component that was denied the opportunity to interview you in 2006.

  • Candidates interviewing with the Executive Office for Immigration Review will be considered for one-year judicial clerkships. 

  • Candidates interviewing with the Federal Bureau of Prisons will be considered for two-year Fellowships.

  • Candidates interviewing with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives (ATF) must select one of the field offices hiring for 2008; Tampa, Florida or Boston, Massachusetts.  ATF is not hiring for Washington, D.C. through the Honors Program this year.

  • Candidates originally selected for an interview with the Office of Intelligence Policy and Review (OIPR) will interview with the National Security Division, which now includes the former OIPR.

  • Candidates who accept an offer of employment are subject to regular security and suitability requirements.  For details, visit

  • The salary levels applicable to Honors Program hires will be used when appropriate, generally for candidates who graduated from law school within the past three years.  More experienced candidates (e.g., those who graduated from law school four or more years ago), will be offered salaries consistent with experienced attorney hires.  For additional information, please visit

  • Entry on duty dates for candidates accepting an offer of employment may be negotiated between the hiring component and the attorney, but could be as late as fall 2009.  Honors Program attorneys generally enter on duty during the fall of the year after they apply. 

  • The interview and offer time line will be consistent with the 2008 Honors Program.  Visit Key Dates for details.

If you wish to accept the invitation to interview, please proceed by selecting the “How To Schedule an Interview” link under the “QUICK LINKS” to the left.

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