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How to Schedule an Interview
HP 2006 How to Schedule an Interview

Please follow the steps below if you wish to accept the Attorney General’s invitation to interview for the Honors Program:

Step 1:  Complete and submit a Travel Survey.  The Travel Survey must be submitted by both e-mail and fax.  Directions are on the form along with a direct e-mail link and a “print” option. 

  • All candidates must submit a Travel Survey (by both fax and e-mail) in order to schedule their interviews, even those residing in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area.

Step 2:  Fax a copy of the Travel Survey to (202) 514-0713, along with your current resume. 

  • Fax only one Travel Survey, no matter how many interviews you have or where they will take place.  We have a master list that the schedulers use to book all your interviews and travel once they receive your Travel Survey.  Faxing more than one Travel Survey causes significant problems and delay.

Step 3:  Go to the Component Writing Sample, Resume and Transcripts web page and follow the instructions posted for the component or components with which you are interviewing.  This web page will be updated by September 16, 2008, so please ensure that you follow the 2008 instructions and not an earlier version.

  • This may require you to submit an electronic copy of your resume and a law school transcript, as well as a writing sample. 

  • If your interviewing component has no requirements listed, we will rely on the hard copy resume you faxed in, but you must provide a copy of your law school transcript at the interview. 

The Office of Attorney Recruitment and Management will attach a copy of your 2006 Honors Program application to your hard copy resume and send it to the appropriate component.  Component Writing Sample, Resume, and Transcript Requirements

The Interview Process

  • Interviews will be conducted between Tuesday, October 14, and Friday, October 24, 2008 (excluding weekends and holidays), and will be conducted at the offices of the interviewing component.  

  • Our staff will schedule your interview(s) based on the information provided in your travel survey and the component's availability.  Interviews will be scheduled to allow same-day travel (when possible). The Department policy limits government-funded interview travel to one trip per candidate (with exceptions for candidates interviewing with Antitrust field offices).  If you are selected for more than one interview, expect to see the interviews scheduled on the same day unless there are exceptional circumstances, such as interviews in Washington, D.C. and an ATF or Antitrust field office.

  • Based on the preferences you list and the availability of interview times, the staff will assign you to a specific interview week and schedule your interview(s).  We will make every effort to consider the preferred week and day listed on your Travel Survey, but cannot guarantee your preferred schedule because of variables affecting Government-contracted travel (e.g., airline availability, timing of flights, etc.).  We will not schedule travel or interviews on dates you indicated you were unavailable.  We regret that we cannot accommodate requests to fly in early or depart late to accommodate personal plans or weekend tourism.  Once travel is scheduled, you will be notified by e-mail.  Please do not ask to change your interview schedule except in the case of a major emergency.  If an emergency arises, please contact the assigned scheduler indicated on your notification message.  If you are unable to reach the designated scheduler, please call (202) 616-3803.

  • Please be patient during the scheduling process.  You should receive your interview information and, if appropriate, your travel itinerary no later than the Wednesday prior to the week during which your interview is scheduled, which may not be the week you requested.  The staff and/or CWT/SATO travel will e-mail your travel itinerary and interview schedule to you using the e-mail address you listed on your Travel Survey.  Please check your e-mail frequently and monitor your “junk” mail boxes to ensure that you do not inadvertently discard your message.  We will schedule interviews as quickly as possible; however, please be aware that the process for booking travel is complex and can take some time.  If you do not receive your e-mail from the Department by Tuesday, October 14th, then contact the CCS Staff schedulers at (202) 616-3803 for immediate assistance.

  • For additional information, please visit the Honors Program Interviews web page.  It is in the process of being updated and will be finalized by September 19, 2008.  Of particular interest is the link to the component interview locations and the Travel Memo.  Please understand that portions of the Travel Memo will not apply to your unique circumstances; however, the information about travel and reimbursement does apply. 

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