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United States Attorney Southern District of New York

The Southern District handles a high volume of high profile cases. Our Press Office is responsible for coverage and making available to the public the details and results of these prosecutions. These will be made available to the public on a daily basis.



Bayou Forfeiture

Cicale Takedown

Cullen Sentence

David, Larry Sentence

Douglas Sentence

Edelman Indictment

Genovese Sentence

Gonzalez et al Indictment

Hallman Sentence

Hamilton Conviction

Isaac Plea

NY Elites/Exotica 2000

NYC Underground Tank Settlement

Park Complaint

Raised Floor Settlement

Redl Indictment

Rommy Sentencing

Rudaj Conviction

Saad Sentencing



Adelson Conviction

Bellomo Liborio et al Genovese

Conteh Indictment

Cote Complaint

Davis Plea

Gregory Complaint

Gumbs Complaint

HVB Deferred Prosecution Agreement

HVB Board Resolution-Exhibit A

HVB Information-Exhibit B

HVB Statement of Facts-Exhibit C

Kahlil Sentence

NYC DEP Resentencing PR

Rhineback Settlement

Rutkoske Conviction

Stewart Conviction

Vitrano Sentence


Arocho & D'Saronno Indictment

Chabus Plea

Debbi Settlement

Edelman Plea

FARC Indictment

Gambino Pleas

Hertular Conviction

Howell Indictment

Kaufman Settlement

Lopez-Pena Extradition

Porterfield Plea

Rhineback Settlement

Shapiro et al Complaint

Sister Ping Sentencing

Thaler Sentencing

Wexler Sentencing


Arred Plea

Barnes Indictment

Broccolo Restraining Order

El Dorado Arrests

Elezi Extradition

Genovese Pleas

Gumbs Plea

Maximo Arrest

Ozsusamlar Conviction

Rubinstein Plea

Shpigelman et al Chart

Shpigelman et al Complaint

Squitieri Plea


Bongiorno & McGagh Pleas

Caplan Sentencing

De la Cruz et al. Indictment

DiPietro Sentencing

Endgraft Announcement

Harlem Hospital Settlement

Hoffman Sentencing

Hui et al. Complaint

Imitola-Lopez Sentencing

Kane Sentencing

Lucas Plea

Morelli Sentencing

NYC WEP Consent Decree

NYCHA Fraud Arrests

Rodriguez & Fong Plea

Smith, Jason Complaint

Speed Sentencing

Stuart Indictment

Thomas & Huang Indictment


BAWAG Non-Prosecution Agreement

Dejesus Conviction

Double Identity Takedown

Grebow Arrest

Hamilton Sentencing

Kabala Sentencing

Kelley Conviction

McCoy-Dunlap Complaint

Mozer-Browne et al Arrest Statement

Mozer-Browne et al Immigration Marriage Fraud

Naturex Settlement

OCME Superceding Indictment

Operation Knockoff

Regis Plea

Rudaj Sentencing

Scofield Plea

Stewart, Antoine Sentencing

Vogel Conviction

Ward Sentencing


Baz Mohammad Plea

Carlton Conviction

Elekede Plea

Espejo Sentencing

Gabelli Settlement

Gelardo Plea

Joseph Conviction

Khat Takedown

Morales Sentencing

NY Waterway Settlement

Ocampo Sentencing

Paracha Sentencing

Park Conviction

Shpigelman Plea

Squitieri Sentencing

Torres Conviction

Young Sentencing

Yu, Chang Sheng Plea


Armstrong Plea

Clark Plea

Clay Avenue Bloods Indictment

Columbia University Civil Settlement

Gonzalez Indictment

Halley Plea

Hoover Extradition

Johnson Plea

Korean Trafficking Arrest

Otalvaro Sentencing

Payne Plea

Quattrone Statement

Rutkoske Sentencing

Salazar-Espinosa Extradition

Smith, Jason Plea

Teamster Election

Transit Authority Settlement


Adelphia Special Master Appointment

Ahmad, Ahmad, Tanveer Complaint

Ahold Non-Pros Agreement

Becker Plea

Blue Star Meats Settlement

Clark Plea

COTE Conviction

Election 2006 Primary

Gagliardi Sentence

Gotti Statement

Kwasi Plea

LaBlanc Plea

Marcucilli Plea

Mastellone Indictment

Megale Sentencing

Operation Triple Play Arrests

Pena Conviction

Pirro Statement

Redler, Steinberg, Koch, & McCallister

Riggio Complaint

Shane Indictment

Shuster Indictment

Storms, Daniel Plea

Suffern Complaint

Wilhite Plea


Bajracharya et al Arrest

Bayou Forfeiture

Gotti, John Retrial Statement

Itil,Turan Complaint

Leight & Jass Sentencing

Mancini Sentencing

McLaughlin Indictment

McLaughlin Indictment Press Release

Ortega et al Indictment

Plata Suchia - Giles Information

Plata Suchia - Chart

Plata Suchia - Photos

Plata Suchia - Takedown

Rodriguez Sentencing

Statoil Deferred Prosecution

Stewart Sentencing Statement

Trosten & Bennett Indictment