Wednesday, January 16, 2002 5:18 PM

The Fund is unfair and unjust. How can you put a price of $250,000 on someone's life, on someone's future life? My husband was a NYC Firefighter who also worked two side jobs. Your deductions are also unfair. We are being penalized for having life insurance, which everyone knowledgable should have. That is unfair. We are being penalized for our husband's pensions. UNFAIR!

And, as far as the LOD awards and PSOB. EVERY Firefighter's family is awarded these benefits. Not just WTC fallen firefighters.

Our husbands were murdered. The weapon was an AIRPLANE! We deserve to be compensated as close to an amount as if we were sueing. Our husbands were war heroes. They were the first to respond to an act of WAR!

The monies were allotted. There are less victims than previously thought.

Why can't you compensate us with the total amount which was alotted.

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