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Significant Criminal Cases and Charging Documents

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US v. Robert Rutner
US v. Michael Allen Ofstedahl


US v John J. Rigas, Timothy J. Rigas, Michael J. Rigas, James R. Brown, Michael C. Mulcahey
     Sealed Complaint (Unsealed 7/24/02)

AEP Energy Services, Inc. (AEPES)

US Department of Justice, Criminal Division, Fraud Section, US Attorney's Office for the Southern District of Ohio, and AEP Energy Services, Inc.
     Deferred Prosecution Agreement, January 16, 2005


US v. John M. Rusnak
     Indictment, June 5, 2002


US v. Susan Denice Browne, Charles Edward Browne, Laurence Crowell Leafer, David Lee Halsey, Braccus Lucien Giavanno, Jonathan Walter Lang

Allou Healthcare

US v. Herman Jacobowitz et al.

America OnLine, Inc. (AOL)

US v. AOL (America OnLine, Inc.)
     Deferred Prosecution Agreement
US v. Christopher J. Benyo et al.
US v. Dale L. Boeth
US v. Robert G. Layne
US v. Shawn P. McGhee
US v. James S. Sholeff

American Banknote Corporation

US v. Morris Weissman

American International Group (AIG) Inc.

US Department of Justice, Criminal Division, Fraud Section and American International Group (AIG) Inc.
     Deferred Prosecution Agreement, November 30, 2004


US v. Carl Putnam, Donald Welchko, John Figurelli, Daryl Spinell, Ronald Bandyk, and Renee Levault
US v. Donald Welchko, Scott Anixter
     Superseding Indictment


US v. Lycourgos K. Kyprianou, Roys S. Poyiadjis, and M.C. Mathews
US v. Roys S. Poyiadjis

Arthur Andersen LLP
(also see related cases CIBC, Enron, Merrill Lynch)

US v. Arthur Andersen LLP
US v. David Duncan


US v. Fred E. Cooper

Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC)
(also see related cases Arthur Andersen, Enron, Merrill Lynch)

US Department of Justice Enron Task Force and the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce
     Settlement Agreement

Capital City Bank

US v. Clinton Odell Weidner II, and David C. Wittig
     First Superseding Indictment

Capital Consultants

US v. Dean Kirkland, Gary Kirkland, Robert Legino
     Indictment, August 22, 2002
US v. Dennis Talbott


US v. Walter A. Forbes and E. Kirk Shelton
     Superseding Indictment

Charter Communications

US v. David G. Barford, Kent D. Kalkwarf, David L. McCall, James H. Smith, III

Computer Associates International

US Attorney's Office for the Eastern District of New York and Computer Associates International
     Deferred Prosecution Agreement
US v. David Kaplan
     Information, April, 2004
US v. David Rivard
     Information, April, 2004
US v. Ira Zar
     Information, April, 2004
US v. Sanjay Kumar and Stephen Richards
     Indictment, April, 2004


US v. David Heath Swanson
     Superseding Indictment

Credit Suisse First Boston Corporation (CSFB)

US v. Frank Quattrone

Critical Path

US v. Jonathan A. Beck
US v. Kevin P. Clark
US v. Timothy J. Ganley
US v. David A. Thatcher

Cylink Corporation

US v. Thomas L. Butler
US v. John Daws

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