Fiscal Year 2001 Accountability Report


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Goal 1 - Keep America Safe by Enforcing Federal Criminal Laws

1.1 Reduce the threat, incidence, and prevalence of violent crime, especially as it stems from organized criminal enterprises and drug and gang-related violence.
1.2 Reduce the threat and trafficking of illegal drugs by identifying, disrupting, and dismantling drug trafficking organizations which are international, multijurisdictional, or have an identified local impact.
1.3 Deter and detect espionage against the United States by strengthening counterintelligence capabilities.
1.4 Deter and detect terrorist incidents by developing maximum intelligence and investigative capability.
1.5 Reduce white collar crime, including public corruption, in order to minimize its negative social and economic impacts.

Goal 2 - Prevent and Reduce Crime and Violence by Assisting State, Tribal, Local, and Community-Based Programs

2.1 Improve the crime fighting and criminal justice system capabilities of state, tribal and local governments.
2.1 Reduce youth crime and victimization through targetd programs that emphasize both prevention and enforcement
2.3 Break the cycle of substance abuse and crime through testing, treatment, and sanctions.
2.4 Uphold the rights of, and improve services to, America crimes's victims.
2.5 Support innovative, community-based programs aimed at reducing crime and violence in our communities.

Goal 3 - Protect the Rights and Interests of the American People by Legal Representation, Enforcement of Federal Laws, and Defense of U.S. Interests

3.1 Uphold the civil rights of all Americans through enforcement of, and education about, federal civil rights laws and protections.
3.2 Enforce and defend federal environmental laws and programs across our land, including Indian Country, by investigating and litigating environmental and natural resources violations and issues.
3.3 Promote competition in the United States economy through enforcement of, improvements to, and education about antitrust laws and principles.
3.4 Promote the fair, correct, and uniform enforcement of the federal tax laws and the collection of tax debts to protect the federal fisc from unjustified claims.
3.5 Effectively represent the United States in all civil matters for which the Department of Justice has jurisdiction.

Goal 4 - Fairly and Effectively Administer the Immigration and Naturalization Laws of the United States

4.1 Provide accurate, easy-to-use, readily accessible, and up-to-date information which meets the needs of internal and external customers.
4.2 Deliver services to the public in a professional and courteous manner and ensure that correct immigration benefit decisions are made in a timely and consistent fashion.
4.3 Secure the ports-of-entry, land border, and coast of the United States against unlawful entry.
4.4 Facilitate lawful travel and commerce across the borders of the United States.
4.5 Preserve the integrity of the legal immigration system and promote public safety and national security by deterring illegal immigration, combating immigration-related crimes, and removing individuals, especially criminals, who are unlawfully present in the United States.
4.6 Ensure the effective and efficient operational capability of the INS workforce.
4.7 Adjudicate all immigration cases in a timely manner while ensuring due process and fair treatment for all parties.

Goal 5 - Protect American Society by Providing for the Safe, Humane, and Secure Confinement of Persons in Federal Custody

5.1 Provide for the safe, secure, and humane confinement of persons who are detained while awaiting trial or sentencing, a hearing on their immigration status, or deportation.
5.2 Ensure that sufficient prison capacity exists so that violent and other serious criminal offenders are imprisoned to the fullest extent of the law.
5.3 Maintain and operate the Federal Prison System in a safe, secure, humane, and efficient manner.
5.4 Provide services and programs to meet critical inmate needs and facilitate their successful reintegration into society, consistent with community expectations and standards.

Goal 6 - Protect the Federal Judiciary and Provide Critical Support to the Federal Justice System to Ensure It Operates Effectively

6.1 Protect judges, witnesses, and other participants in federal judicial proceedings and ensure the safe and secure operation of the federal court system.
6.2 Apprehend fugitives from justice.
6.3 Meet the needs of, and uphold the rights of, victims and witnesses of federal crimes.
6.4 Protect the integrity and ensure the effective operation of the nation's bankruptcy system.

Goal 7 - Ensure Excellence, Accountability, and Integrity in the Management and Conduct of Department of Justice Programs

7.1 Foster integrity, strengthen management accountability, and promote efficiency and effectiveness to ensure public trust and confidence in Department of Justice programs.
7.2 Improve the effectiveness of Department of Justice operations by strengthening and enforcing controls over assets, improving the usefulness and reliability of financial data for planning and reporting, and maximizing the use of available resources in accomplishing programmatic missions.
7.3 Make effective use of information technology.
7.4 Strengthen human resource recruitment and retention efforts and provide for a workforce that is skilled, diverse, and committed to excellence.

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