Fiscal Year 2001 Accountability Report


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For Fiscal Year (FY) 2001 reporting purposes, the Department of Justice (Department) has chosen to create an Accountability Report centered around its consolidated annual financial statements.† In addition to the contents normally required in agenciesí annual financial statements, this Report includes high level performance goals, objectives, and results, consistent with those being reported in the Departmentís Annual Performance Report and Plan, as required by the Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA); material weaknesses and material nonconformances, along with corresponding corrective action reports, as required by the Federal Managersí Financial Integrity Act (Integrity Act); and a statement by the Inspector General summarizing what he considers to be the Departmentís most serious management challenges.

This report opens with a message from the Attorney General.† In it, the Attorney General provides the assurance required by the Integrity Act, as well as his assessment of the completeness and reliability of the performance and financial data, required by the Office of Management and Budget Circular A-11.

In response to the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, the Department realigned its priorities to place combating terrorism at the top of its list.† On November 8, 2001, the Attorney General announced major changes in the Department to support its counterterrorism role.† The Department continues to vigorously enforce the broad spectrum of laws of the United States; however, the fight against terrorism is now the first and overriding priority of the Department.† In support of this change in focus, the Attorney General also announced the Departmentís Strategic Plan for FYs 2001-2006 (available electronically on the Departmentís web site at:† The new Strategic Plan includes eight strategic goals, which replace the seven goals in previous Plans.† Although this yearís Report aligns with the seven strategic goals listed in the FY 2000-2005 Strategic Plan (also available on the Internet at†, the Department will change the presentation of performance information in the future to reflect the new priorities stemming from the September 11 attacks.


The format of this yearís Accountability Report aligns with the seven goals in the FY 2000-2005 Strategic Plan, since that was the administrative structure in place throughout the year.

This Report consists of four sections.† The first section comprises the message from the Attorney General; a message from the Acting Chief Financial Officer (CFO); and the commentary and summary from the Office of the Inspector General (OIG).

The second section, Managementís Discussion and Analysis, includes summary information about the mission and organization of the Department; performance information for a selection of departmental programs; information regarding material weaknesses and material nonconformances, as required by the Integrity Act; and the Departmentís response to the Inspector Generalís (IG) list of the Departmentís most serious management challenges.

The third section includes the report of the independent accountants and the financial statements and associated notes.

The fourth section contains the appendices.† They include (A) the OIG Audit Division analysis and summary of actions necessary to close the FY 2001 annual financial statement audit report, (B) the Departmentís organization chart, (C) the Departmentís financial structure, (D) the Departmentís strategic goals and objectives in effect during FY 2001, (E) a list of acronyms, (F) a list of Department component web sites, (G) the Corrective Action Reports for the material weaknesses and nonconformances as required by the Integrity Act, and (H) a letter from the IG to the Attorney General identifying his list of the top ten management challenges for the Department.

The scope and complexity of the Departmentís mission make it impossible to describe in a single document the full range and content of the Departmentís programs and activities.† Where appropriate, reference has been made to other plans and reports that provide more detailed information in specific areas.

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