Strategic Plan FY 2001-2006 Strategic Plan FY 2001-2006
Strategic Plan FY 2001-2006



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  A Message from the Attorney General

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  Chapter I
  Crime and Justice in America: An Overview of Recent   Trends and Emerging Challenges

  Chapter II
  Department of Justice Goals and Objectives: Fiscal Years   2001-2006


Goal 1: Protect America Against the Threat of           Terrorism


Goal 2: Enforce Federal Criminal laws


Goal 3: Prevent and Reduce Crime and Violence by           Assisting State, Tribal, Local and Community-Based           Programs


Goal 4: Protect the Rights and Interests of the           American People By Legal Representation,           Enforcement of Federal Laws and Defense of U.S.           Interests


Goal 5: Fairly and Effectively Administer the           Immigration and Naturalization Laws of the United           States


Goal 6: Protect American Society by Providing for           the Safe, Humane and Secure Confinement of           Persons in Federal Custody


Goal 7: Protect the Federal Judiciary and Provide           Critical Support to the Federal Justice System to           Ensure it Operates Effectively


Goal 8: Ensure Professionalism, Excellence,           Accountability and Integrity in the           Management and Conduct of Department of           Justice Programs


External Factors that May Affect Goal Achievement

  Chapter III
  Program Evaluation


  1. Resources for Implementing the Plan
  2. Linkage Between the Strategic Plan and the
    Annual Performance Plan
  3. List of Mission-Critical Management Issues
  4. Key Facts on Crime and Justice
  5. Glossary of Abbreviations and Acronyms
  6. Justice Component Web Sites

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