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U.S. Attorney Commends Wichita Police In Gang Investigations, Convictions



May 16, 2011

WICHITA, KAN. – More than two dozen Wichita gang members have been prosecuted and convicted on federal charges of drug trafficking and racketeering as a result of an investigation led by the Wichita Police Department, U.S. Attorney Barry Grissom said today.

“The Wichita Police Department did an outstanding job investigating and assisting federal prosecutors in one of the most ambitious projects this office has ever undertaken,” said U.S. Attorney Barry Grissom.

In September 2007, federal prosecutors filed the first indictments in state history under the federal Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO). The indictments alleged the defendants, who were members of a Wichita street gang called the Crips, were operating an on-going criminal enterprise in which they used violence and the threat of violence to protect their drug trafficking organization.

Thursday’s sentencing of defendant Jason Tisdale to 30 years in federal prison marked a milestone in the RICO prosecutions. Tisdale pleaded guilty to conspiracy in the Feb. 3, 1998, shooting deaths of Tisha Jones and Keith James, as well as the Aug. 5, 2004, shooting death of Umanah Smith.

First Assistant U.S. Attorney Mike Warner commended the Wichita Police for their long term commitment to making the neighborhoods victimized by the gangs safer and to seeking justice for the families of the victims who were killed.

“The families of the three people killed by Crips gang members have waited a long time for justice,” Warner said. “The sentencing of Mr. Tisdale was a big step toward that goal and the Wichita Police Department deserves credit for all their work on the case.”

Other defendants convicted as a result of the RICO indictments include:

Jermall Campbell: 64 months
Junian Johnson, 76 months
Elton Profit, 78 months
Jonearl Smith, 77 months
Lonnie Wade: 84 months
Prentice Byrd: 48 months
Marteaus Carter: 120 months
Corey Cornelius: 210 months
Cortez Grayson: 96 months
Sycarr Greenley: 96 months
Mario Hutton: 96 months
Troy Langston: 60 months
Calvin Williams: 84 months
Tommy L. Anderson, Sr.: 120 months
Tracy Harris: 188 months
Clinton A.D. Knight: 210 months
Chester Randall, Jr.: 46 months



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