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Greig Sentenced to 8 Years in Federal Prison
JUNE 12, 2012

BOSTON - Catherine E. Greig was sentenced today in U.S. District Court for her role in harboring and concealing one of the FBI’s 10 most wanted fugitives, James J. “Whitey” Bulger.

In March, Greig, 61, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to harbor a fugitive, conspiracy to commit identity fraud and identity fraud. Today, Judge Douglas P. Woodlock sentenced her to eight years in prison, fined her $150,000 and ordered her to serve three years of supervised release.

“We are pleased with today’s sentence, one of the longest sentences ever imposed for a harboring charge, ” said United States Attorney Carmen M. Ortiz. “While Ms. Greig may claim that she harbored Mr. Bulger for 16 years out of love, love is no excuse for committing crimes. The felonies that she now stands convicted of impacted the lives of many and she is now paying the price for her actions.”

“Today, and previously throughout these proceedings, we saw the palpable hurt and pain caused to the families of those harmed by Ms. Greig’s crimes as they waited patiently for justice to be served,“ said Richard Deslauriers, the Special Agent in Charge of the Boston Division of the FBI. “Though the Bulger Task Force’s search for Ms. Greig was long and arduous, it was persistent and uncompromising. We did not deviate from our course because we knew from experience that for each and every fugitive, there is a victim of a crime. Each day a fugitive eludes justice is a long day for the victims of their crimes who agonize that while the fugitive enjoys freedom, they remain locked in a state of fear and anguish.”

“As I have said before, although there are those who doubted the FBI’s resolve, it never wavered. We followed every lead, we explored every possibility and when those ran out we did not sit back and wait for the phone to ring. As a result of that unyielding tenacity, I am proud to say the FBI and its Bulger Task Force partners fulfilled their promise to the families victimized by Ms. Greig’s crimes. Today’s sentence demonstrates that justice for Ms. Greig has been served.”

U.S. Marshal John Gibbons said, “The United States Marshals Service was happy to take part in the apprehension of Ms. Greig and James “Whitey” Bulger. We hope that today’s verdict sends a strong message to anyone considering harboring fugitives that this sort of crime will not be tolerated.”
“Catherine Greig aided a violent criminal in delaying justice, causing the families of his victims continued pain and suffering. As the judicial process goes forward, hopefully those families will find some small solace,” said Acting Special Agent in Charge Kevin Lane of the Drug Enforcement Administration.

William P. Offord, Special Agent in Charge, IRS Criminal Investigation said, “ The sentencing of Catherine Greig brings to a close a chapter of one of the most notorious criminal cases in Boston’s recent history. IRS Criminal Investigation is proud to have provided its investigative skills to the law enforcement partnership that has brought this case to a successful conclusion.”

From January 1995 through June 22, 2011, Greig conspired with Bulger to take steps to prevent his discovery and arrest, this after learning that a warrant had been issued for his apprehension. Greig and Bulger posed as a married couple under different false identities. They obtained multiple means of identification to conceal their true identities, purchased necessary goods and services such as prescription medication, paid bills under an assumed name and shopped for groceries and other necessities while living together.

Furthermore, Greig illegally obtained and used multiple identification documents including social security numbers, drivers’ licenses, and birth certificates of other real persons with intent to create false identities. Additionally, authorities seized more than $820,000 cash and 30 firearms hidden inside the apartment shared by Greig and Bulger.

U.S. Attorney Ortiz; SAC DesLauriers; U.S. Marshal Gibbons; SAC Offord; Acting SAC Lane; Commissioner Luis S. Spencer of the Massachusetts Department of Correction; and Colonel Marian McGovern, Superintendent of the Massachusetts State Police made the announcement today. The U.S. Attorney’s Office would also like to acknowledge and thank the Social Security Administration, Office of Inspector General and the Los Angeles offices of the United States Attorney and Federal Bureau of Investigation.

The case was prosecuted by First Assistant U.S. Attorney Jack W. Pirozzolo, Assistant U.S. Attorney James D. Herbert, Chief of Ortiz’s Organized Crime and Gang Unit and Assistant U.S. Attorney Mary B. Murrane, Chief of Ortiz’s Asset Forfeiture Unit.




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