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three KC men charged with northland bank robbery

July 19, 2012

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - David M. Ketchmark, Acting United States Attorney for the Western District of Missouri, announced that three Kansas City, Mo., men were charged in federal court with robbing the Bank of America today.

Edward L. Green, 24, Robert Lowe, 26, and Rolando Winters, 24, all of Kansas City, were charged with stealing $5,863 from Bank of America in a criminal complaint that was filed in the U.S. District Court in Kansas City, Mo. All three men remain in federal custody.

According to an affidavit filed in support of today’s criminal complaint, law enforcement officers were conducting surveillance on Green, Lowe and Winters as the men were apparently casing several banks in North Kansas City, Mo., and in Kansas City-North. They eventually parked in the parking lot at the Sycamore Hills apartment complex, on a hill overlooking Bank of America, 661 N.W. 55th Terr., Kansas City.

Lowe and Winters got out of the Pontiac G5 and walked to the bank, the affidavit says, while Green moved the vehicle into position to pick them up after the robbery. Green and Lowe allegedly pulled scarves up over their faces and ran into the bank at about 10:35 a.m. According to the affidavit, Winters announced, “This is a robbery!” and demanded money from one of the tellers, telling her that her life depended on it. Lowe allegedly took money from another teller.

When Lowe and Winters ran out of the bank, law enforcement officers ordered them to stop. Green was arrested without incident but Lowe and Winters continued to run around the apartment complex. They ran into an undercover law enforcement truck around the corner of a building and were taken into custody. Winters was transported to North Kansas City Hospital for treatment of injuries he received from running into the vehicle.

Ketchmark cautioned that the charge contained in this complaint is simply an accusation, and not evidence of guilt. Evidence supporting the charge must be presented to a federal trial jury, whose duty is to determine guilt or innocence.

This case is being prosecuted by Assistant U.S. Attorney Bruce Clark. It was investigated by the FBI.

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