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Significant Criminal Cases and Charging Documents

Since its creation by Executive Order on July 9, 2002, the President's Corporate Fraud Task Force has reviewed all corporate fraud matters now under investigation by the Department and other agencies, with the goals of marshaling the resources of Department prosecutors and investigators in corporate fraud matters; improving coordination in anti-fraud cases among the Department and other task force members including the SEC, CFTC, FCC and IRS; and proposing policy, regulatory and legislative changes to the Attorney General via the Deputy Attorney General.

The President's Corporate Fraud Task Force has enjoyed tremendous success in bringing "real time," decisive criminal and civil enforcement action against those who have traded on their positions of trust to defraud their investors, their employees and the public. Significant charges include those against former officers.

These documents are divided alphabetically by company name. To view a list of the companies, select the proper alphabetical link.

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