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President's Identity Theft Task Force

Identity theft is a crime that victimizes people and businesses in every community from major cities to small towns, and robs victims of their individual freedoms. The President's Identity Theft Task Force, chaired by the Attorney General and co-chaired by the Federal Trade Commission Chairman, has been working diligently since its inception in May 2006 to develop a comprehensive strategy for steps the federal government can take to combat identity theft. In September 2006, the Task Force issued interim recommendations to the President which will improve the ability of the government and the private sector to bring identity thieves to justice, to mitigate the risks of identity theft for individuals and companies, and to assist identity-theft victims in recovering from the effects of this pernicious crime.

The Task Force, in preparing to produce a final strategic plan to the President, is considering, among other things, various ways to improve the coordination and effectiveness of criminal prosecution of identity theft, to enhance data protection for sensitive consumer information maintained by the public sector, private sector, and the consumer himself or herself, and to provide more comprehensive and effective guidance for consumers and the business community. The Task Force is also considering ways to improve recovery and assistance for consumers following a breach or misuse of their information. Although there is no legal requirement that the Task Force solicit public comment, the Task Force agencies believe that seeking comment on these issues will supplement the research and analysis already conducted, provide further information about the proposals it is considering, and identify areas where additional recommendations may be warranted. To submit comments to the Task Force, view summary of issues being considered by the Task Force.


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