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Website Inventory - 2011

Section 207(f)(2) of the E-Government Act of 2002 requires Federal agencies to develop an inventory of information to be published on their websites, establish a schedule for publishing information, and make those schedules and priorities available for public comment on the Web site.

The purpose of the Department of Justice (DOJ) Web site is to provide content based on its mission and the needs of DOJ and component audiences. To meet this goal, and to comply with the E-Government Act, DOJ components developed an inventory of information to be published on the public website over the next year, and established priorities for posting this information.

The priorities are defined as follows:

  • Priority 1: required by law, regulation, Presidential directive, or other official directive or to ensure national security
  • Priority 2: mission-critical and essential for program operations, but not required by law, regulation, or Presidential directive (that is, information or services that are directly tied to an agency's mission and/or strategic plan)
  • Priority 3: frequently requested information or services that would improve business processes and/or customer service to the public (for example, most commonly used forms, documents, applications, transactions, etc.).
  • Priority 4: other information

To provide comments or suggestions regarding this inventory:

  • Send an Email to, or
  • Submit written comments by postal mail to:
    U.S. Department of Justice
    E-Government Services Staff
    Two Constitution Square
    145 N St. NE Room 2E.512
    Washington, DC 20530-0001
Information Priority
9/11 Victim Compensation Fund 1
Administrative decisions 3
Administrative reviews 2
Agency guidance 2
Agreements priority varies
Alternative dispute resolution information 3
Annual reports priority varies
Antitrust and competition information 4
Application process for credit counseling agencies and debtor education providers 1
Appropriation figures 1
Approved credit counseling agencies 1
Approved debtor education agencies 1
Asset forfeiture information priority varies
Articles, original stories and papers 3
Attorney General Guidelines 2
Audit, investigative, inspection, and special reports 2
Bankruptcy trustee resources 2
Biographical information 3
Blog 2
Brochures and pamphlets 2
Budget and Performance Summary 1
Budget information 2
Business Reviews 1
Calendars of events 4
Case information 3
Certified products lists 3
Chapter 13 administrative expenses 1
Child exploitation news and information 3
Claims information priority varies
Class action notices 1
Comments on proposed regulations and legislation 1
Competition and real estate information 3
Competition policy submissions 2
Compliance assistance resources for business 3
Computer crime news and information 3
Conference information 3
Congressional communications 1
Consumer litigation information 3
Contact lists 2
Correctional facility contact information 3
Court filings (includes briefs and consent decrees) priority varies
Court information 2
Crime alerts 1
Datasets 1
DEA museum information 3
Decisions 3
Defendants in custody and prisoner information 2
Detention contracts 2
Detention standards and compliance information 2
Disaster recovery guidance 2
Discovery information 3
Drug policies, facts, statistics and penalties 2
Drug prevention resources 2
Drug registration information and applications 1
Economic Seminar Information 3
eDesignate program information 2
E-mail subscription services 3
E-Government initiatives 1
E-Government inventory 1
Employee and retiree information 2
Employment opportunities 3
Equal employment opportunity information 3
Ethics guidance and information 3
External links (for related content) priority varies
Fact sheets 3
FAQs 3
FBI whistleblower information 3
Federal court process information 2
Feedback mechanisms (for communication with the public) 2
FOIA information 1
    FOIA Policy Guidance 1
    FOIA Reference Materials 2
    FOIA Reports 1
    FOIA Service Centers/Liaisons 1
    Frequently Requested Records 1
    Reading Room Materials 1
Foreign Agent Registration Act information 1
Forms priority varies
Fugitive information priority varies
Funding opportunities 2
Geospatial displays 3
Grant management information 2
Grant solicitations 2
Guidance documents 1
Guidance on compliance/filing a complaint 2
Guidelines 2
Handbooks 3
Historical information 3
Honors program information 2
Hotline information 3
Human resource information 2
Hurricane Katrina fraud information 3
Immigration Court and Board of Immigration Appeals polices and procedures 3
Information quality information 1
Inmate information 3
Intelligence reports 2
International program information 1
Internship information 3
Investigative findings 3
Judicial and court security information 2
Justice Prisoner & Alien Transportation System (JPATS) information 2
Laws and legislation 3
Legal memoranda 3
Legal policies and disclaimers 1
Legislative mandate 2
List of disciplined practitioners 3
Local and regional office information 3
Magazines 4
Manuals priority values
Market share reports (UNICOR) 1
Means testing figures 1
Missions of offices and components 3
National security information 1
Newsletters 3
No Fear Act data 1
Notice of Preclearance Activities under Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act 2
Notices of proposed rulemaking 2
Online stores - UNICOR 3
Opinions (Office of Legal Counsel) 3
Organizational information 1
Organizational charts 3
Overseas Terrorism Victims and Survivors Information 2
Photos 4
Policy documents, statements, and information priority varies
Press releases 2
Privacy information priority varies
    Initial privacy assessment template 2
     Privacy Act system of records notices 1
     Privacy impact assessments 1
     Privacy impact assessment guidance and template 2
     Privacy policy 1
Procurement information priority varies
     Forecast of Contracting Opportunities 1
     General contracting information 3
     List of Commercial and Inherently Governmental Activities 1
     Small business information 3
     Solicitations and contract information 3
Program information priority varies
Public hearing and workshop information 2
Public notices 2
Publications 2
Radiation exposure information 2
Purchasing and waiver procedures 1
Radio transcripts 3
Recovery Act Information 1
Regulations 2
Relational database 3
Reporting mechanisms (waste, fraud, and abuse, antitrust complaints) priority varies
Reports priority varies
Reports to Congress, in general priority varies
     Annual Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act Report 3
     Financial Reports and Audits 1
     Foreign Claims Settlement Commission Report 3
     Semi- Annual Reporting as Required by the Inspector General Act 1
Requests for public assistance 2
Research guides 3
RSS feeds 3
Rules and regulations 3
Rulings and procedures 1
Sales reports (UNICOR)* 3
Settlement agreements 3
Site maps 3
Spanish language content 1
Speeches, in general 3
State domestic support obligation agencies 1
Statistics priority varies
Strategic plans 1
Structured settlement broker information 1
Student information 4
Survey results 3
Technical assistance (ADA) 3
Technical information 1
Testimony and speeches before Congress 1
Tobacco litigation information priority varies
Training information priority varies
Transparency / open government information 1
Tribal justice information 2
U.S. Attorneys Manual 2
Victim Notification System 2
Victim resources 3
Victims' rights information 1
Videos 3
Wanted posters / identification Orders 1
Web 2.0 links - Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and MySpace 3
Witness security information 2
Working capital fund information 3