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Significant Criminal Cases and Charging Documents

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Hamilton Bancorp

US v. Eduardo A. Masferrer, Juan Carlos Bernace, John M. R. Jacobs

Health Maintenance

US v. Clifford G. Baird
     Information, July 29, 2002 PDF Word Perfect
US v. Donavon C. Claflin
     Information, July 29, 2002 PDF WordPerfect
US v. Kevin L. Lawrence
     Indictment, July 31, 2002 PDF Word Perfect
US v. Kevin McCarthy
     Information, July 19, 2002 PDF Word Perfect
US v. James N. Wuensche
     Information, November 26, 2002 PDF Word Perfect


US v. Angela C. Ayers, Cathy C. Edwards, Rebecca Kay Morgan, Virginia B. Valentine
     Information PDF Word Perfect
US v. Aaron Beam
     Information PDF Word Perfect
US v. Emery Harris
     Information PDF Word Perfect
US v. Kenneth K. Livesay
     Information PDF Word Perfect
US v. Michael Martin
     Information PDF Word Perfect
US v. Malcolm McVay
     Information PDF Word Perfect
US v. William T. Owens
US v. Richard M. Scrushy
US v. Weston L. Smith

Holmes Harbor Sewer District (HHSD)

US v. Terry R. Martin, J. David Smith, John H. White, Edward L. Tezak


US v. John Giesecke, Joseph Shew, John R. Desimone
US v. Jeffrey M. Kalina
US v. Jessica McLellan, Sailesh Patel, Thomas Vo

HPL Technologies

US v. Yervant David Lepejian


US v. Douglas Faneuil
     Misdemeanor Information PDF Word Perfect
US v. Samuel D. Waksal
     Superseding Information PDF Word Perfect
     Sealed Complaint (Unsealed 6/13/02)
US v. Martha Stewart, Peter Bacanovic
     Superseding Indictment


US v. William Grabski


US v. Phillip E. White


US v. Laurence W. Capriotti, Jack L. Hargrove, Michel D. Thyfault, James R. Wallwin, George J. Stimac

Just for Feet

US v. Steven C. Davis
US v. Jonathan G. Epstein
US v. Timothy R. McCool

Katun Corporation

US v. Terence Michael Clarke
US v. Terence Michael Clarke, Kerry K. Baubie, Raymond H. Wirtz
US v. Katun Corporation
US v. James W. Moen
US v. Glenn W. Spitzer
US v. Larry J. Stroup

L90, Inc.

US v. John C. Bohan, Mark D. Roah, Lucrezia Bickerton
US v. Thomas A. Sebastian


US v. Gary L. Monroe, William J. Rauwerdink, John R. Messinger
     Superseding Indictment

Leslie Fay

US v. Donald F. Kenia
US v. Paul F. Polishan

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