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Significant Criminal Cases and Charging Documents

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US v. Michelle M. Valencia


US v. Thomas S. Hughes
     First Superseding Indictment
     Complaint Affidavit


(also see related cases Arthur Andersen, CIBC, Merrill Lynch)

US v. Daniel Bayly, James A. Brown, Robert S. Furst
US v. David Bermingham, Giles Darby, Gary Mulgrew
     Complaint Affidavit
US v. Richard A. Causey
US v. David W. Delainey
     Sealed Indictment (Unsealed 10/30/03)
US v. Andrew S. Fastow, Ben F. Glisan, Jr., Dan Boyle
     Superseding Information
     Complaint Affidavit
US v. Lea Fastow
US v. Kevin Howard, Michael Krautz
US v. Michael J. Kopper
US v. Lawrence M. Lawyer
US v. Jeffrey S. Richter
US v. Jeffrey K. Skilling, Richard A. Causey
     Superseding Indictment (Unsealed 2/19/04)


US v. Anthony Hurley
US v. Robert Gagalis, Bruce D. Kay, Gayle Spence a/k/a/ Gayle S. Luacaw

Financial Advisory Consultants

US v. James P. Lewis, Jr.
     Superseding Indictment

FLIR Systems

US v. J. Kenneth Stringer, III, J. Mark Samper, William N. Martin
     Second Superseding Indictment

FLP Capital Group

US v. Frank L. Peitz, Daniel B. Benson, Peter A. Loutos, Sr., Robert D. Paladino, Randall W. Law, and Monica M. Iles
US v. Peter A. Loutos, Sr.
     Superseding Information

FPA Medical Management

US v. Steven Mark Lash

GenesisIntermedia, Inc (GENI)

US v. Kenneth D'Angelo

Golden Bear Golf

US v. John R. Boyd, Christopher Curbello

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