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Significant Criminal Cases and Charging Documents

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US v. Alan K. Anderson


US v. Grant Graham, Thomas Hall, John Walker, Bryan Treadway
     Superseding Indictment
US v. Thomas Hall
     Second Superseding Indictment

Reliant Energy Services, Inc

US v. Jackie R. Thomas, V. Reginald Howard II, Lisa L. Flowers, J. Kevin Frankeny


US v. Jeffrey A. Conway
US v. Matthew J. Marini
US v. Jeffrey K. Underwood

Republic NY Securities

US v. Republic NY Securities
US v. Martin Armstrong
     Superseding Indictment

Rite Aid

US v. Martin L. Grass, Franklin C. Brown, Franklyn M. Bergonzi and Eric S. Sorkin

San Clemente Securities

US v. Cooke B. Christopher, Thomas H. Sunderland, Nils Griffin, Jeffrey A. Vann

Sirena Apparel

US v. Maurice B. Newman, aka Corky Newman, and Richard A. Gerhart

Smith Technologies

US v. Kostanenos N. Hronopoulos, Kirsten Kullberg Hronopoulos, Stephen H. Smith, Patricia Moreno Smith, Paul F. Scheibe, Lawrence W. Taggart, Gilbert N. Holloway, III, Richard G. Boyer

Standard Automotive

US v. Steven Merker, William Merker

Stevens Financial Group

US v. James Scott Pope
US v. Damian Sinclair, Susan Wintermute a/k/a Susan Sinclair, Clarence Stevens
     Superseding Indictment

Suprema Specialties

US v. Lawrence Fransen
US v. Robert Quattrone
US v. John Van Sickell
US v. George Vieira

Symbol Technologies

US v. Tomo Razmilovic et al.

Targus Group

US v. William Anthony Lloyd


US v. Gholamreza Mikailli aka Reza Mikailli

U.S. Technologies

US v. C. Gregory Earls

U.S. Wireless

US v. Oliver Hilsenrath
     Superseding Indictment
US v. Oliver Hilsenrath, David Scott Klarman

Vari-L Company, Inc.

US v. Jon Clark
US v. Sarah Hume
US v. David Glen Sherman

Waste Management

US v. William A. Rothrock, Logan L. Nichols, Glenn A. Oakes, W. Gregory Orr


US v. David Wittig, Douglas T. Lake


US v. Bernard J. Ebbers
     Third Superseding Indictment
US v. David F. Myers
US v. Troy M. Normand
US v. Scott D. Sullivan, Buford Yates, Jr.
     Indictment US v. Scott D. Sullivan
     First Superseding Indictment
US v. Betty L. Vinson

Zurich Payroll

US v. Keith Taylor

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