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The Department of Justice in Iraq
Department of Justice Activities in Iraq

The Justice Department has been actively engaged in supporting the overall U.S. Government mission in Iraq since May 2003.

Today, more than 200 Justice Department employees and contract personnel are serving throughout the Republic of Iraq. The Departmentís leadership offices are actively engaged in this mission. For example, the Deputy Attorney General has appointed a Rule of Law Counselor who reports directly to him and coordinates with leadership in the Embassy in Baghdad. Working closely with the State Department, the Justice Department is assisting in a variety of efforts to promote freedom and security, from reconstruction programs to facilitating capacity development activities, with the ultimate goal of assisting the Iraqi Government in establishing the rule of law throughout Iraq.

Justice Department officials are engaging with their Iraqi and American counterparts in a variety of tasks including: rebuilding the judicial infrastructure; providing law enforcement support to Iraqi officials in the investigation and prosecution of major crimes and acts of terrorism; providing technical assistance to Iraqi law enforcement entities; and training justice personnel on issues ranging from corrections procedures to international human rights laws. See fact sheet for additional information.

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