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News and Press Releases

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June 01

Ex-Westchester Jail Guard Sentenced To 72 Months In Prison

Arkansas Lawyer Pleads Guilty To Stealing Over $9 Million In Client Funds

Additional Charges Filed Against Acting Boss And Longtime Associate Of Gambino Crime Family

June 02

Ex-Pelham Middle School Teacher Charged For Enticement Of A Minor

Attorney Employed By New York City Corporation Counsel Arrested For Mortgage And Real Estate Fraud And Forgery Of A Bankruptcy Judge's Signature

Four Indicted For Plot To Bomb Synagogue And Jewish Community Center And To Shoot Military Planes With Stinger Missiles

June 03

Two Former Executive Board Members Of Bus Drivers' Union Arrested For Extortion And Unlawful Labor Payments

Former Accounting Firm Vice Chairman And Board Member Pleads Guilty To Tax Fraud Related To Tax Shelters Claiming Over One Billion Dollars Of Fraudulent Tax Losses

June 04

Eight Sentenced In Multimillion-Dollar Mortgage Fraud And Foreclosure Rescue Schemes

United Nations Employee Charged With Possession Of Child Pornography

June 05

Ringleader Of Check Fraud Scheme Sentenced To 140 Months In Prison

June 08

Former NYC Department Of Education Bus Inspector Sentenced To 30 Months In Prison For Extortion And Bribery

June 09

Safety Consulting Firm And Its President Plead In Scheme To Defraud The NYC DEP

Jenkens & Gilchrist Attorneys, BDO Seidman Accountants, And Bankers Charged In Criminal Tax Fraud Related To Tax Shelters Generating Over Seven Billion Dollars Of Fraudulent Tax Losses

Ex-Companion To Swindler Israel Gets Probation For Aiding In His Escape

June 10

Director And President Of Non-Profit Organization Serving Low-income Tenants In The Bronx Charged With Embezzling Federal Funds

Former Principal Of AFW Wealth Advisers Charged With Multimillion-Dollar Fraud

June 12

Five Arrested In Plot To Murder U.S. Federal Agent In Colombia

June 16

L.I. Man Sentenced To 188 Months In Prison For Distributing Child Pornography

Nine Members Of Interstate Gang Operating In New York, Ohio, And Pennsylvania Charged

Narco-Terrorism Charges Added To Indictment Of Colombian Paramilitary Leader And Narcotics Kingpin

June 17

Eight Charged With Narcotics Trafficking And Other Offenses

June 19

President Of Manhattan Investment Firms Sentenced To 100 Months In Prison For $13 Million Ponzi Scheme

June 22

United States Recovers $4.3 Million From Narcotics Money Laundering

June 23

New Jersey Man Sentenced To 17 Months In Prison For Providing Material Support And Resources To Hizballah

June 24

Former New York State Assemblyman Pleads Guilty To Honest Services Mail Fraud

Stock Promoter Pleads Guilty To Bribery Scheme

June 25

Five Indicted For Plot To Murder U.S. Agent In Colombia

Ex-Pelham Teacher Indicted For Enticement Of A Minor

Former Columbia University Official Sentenced To 15 Months In Prison For Stealing Thousands Of Dollars From The University; $180,000 Forfeiture Order Entered

Former Executive Director Of Bronx Organization Sentenced For Federal Program Fraud Involving Former New York State Senator

Former Chief Of Staff And Staffer For New York City Council Member Plead Guilty To Embezzling City Council Discretionary Funds

June 26

Former Law Firm Partner Sentenced To Fifteen Months In Prison For Stealing Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars From Clients And Firm

Bernard L. Madoff Ordered To Forfeit Over $170 Billion; Government Settles Claims Of Ruth Madoff Against Forfeited Property

June 29

Bernard Madoff Sentenced To 150 Years In Prison

June 30

Eleven Charged In Massive Scheme To File Fraudulent Tax Returns Using Stolen Puerto Rican Identities














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